With Switzerland’s defeat, only three teams have never lost to Brazil in World Cups; Look


Until this Monday (28), Brazil had only won four World Cups, and Switzerland was one of them.

In previous World Cup meetings, there had been two draws: 2-2 in São Paulo, in the first Cup in Brazil, in 1950, and 1-1 in Rostov, in the Russian Cup, in 2018.

In Qatar, with the 1-0 goal scored by Casemiro, the Swiss leave the list of those who have never lost to Brazil. Only three teams remain: Portugal, Hungary and Norway.

Against the Portuguese, in two duels, a defeat (3 to 1, in England-1966) and a draw (0 to 0, in South Africa-2010).

Against the Hungarians, two defeats, in Switzerland-1954 (4 to 2) and in England-1966 (3 to 1).

There was only one meeting with Norway, and Brazil lost by 2 to 1, in France-1998.

The countries most often defeated by the Brazilian team in World Cups are Sweden, five times (in seven games), and Mexico, four times (in five matches).

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