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Demonstration of power of Phoenix in Heraklion against OFI


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He returned to victory Finikas of Syros as he prevailed upon me 3-0 his set OFI in Crete for the 7th matchday of the Men’s Volleyball League. The team of Dimitris Kazazis did not face any particular problems beyond the 3rd set and overtook in the scoreboard the I was talking which was defeated by PAOK in Thessaloniki.

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Foinikas faces the “double-headed of the north” in Syros for the 8th matchday, followed by a difficult outing in Orestiada for OFI against Athlos.

In the first set the “pirates” completely dominated, constantly having the lead with Fromm and the Klinkeberg to be the first scorers. The difference in the middle of the set reached +5 with OFI “gnawing” it at one but nothing changed and it was Phoenix who prevailed 22-25 making it 0-1.

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Djuric then took action and together with Michalovic quickly “opened” the gap in second set making it 13-19 with many attacks coming from her pipe. Phoenix’s +8 was also the biggest difference with which the set ended for the 17-25 and the 0-2 of Finikas.

OFI in third settried to react and partly succeeded with him Bravo and Jarvis to give the signal for the overthrow. But the decisive blocks of Djuric and Klinkeberg brought the set to the level (20-20). At that point in the match, Phoenix seemed cooler and managed with Ierothuelo’s block on Jarvis and Djuric’s ace to make the 21-25 and get the match with 3-0 set.

The sets: 22-25, 17-25, 21-15

*OFI’s points came from 3 aces, 28 attacks, 5 blocks and 23 opponent errors and Foinikas Syros ONEX’s points came from 2 aces, 40 attacks, 12 blocks and 21 opponent errors.

OFI (Kostas Delikostas): Jarvis 6 (3/16f., 2 blocks, 1 ace, 33%ap., 17%f.), Khiras 5 (5/10f.), Shikoku 16 (14/32f., 1 block), Adami, Vaiopoulos 5 (3/5f., 1 block, 1 ace), Ambrao 4 (3/12f., 1 ace, 47%f., 7%f.) / Tsadimas (l. – 61%f., 58%f.) , Bardakjian, Arabopoulos, Tsalikian.

Finikas Syros (Dimitris Kazazis): Michalovic 21 (17/31 ref., 2 blocks, 2 aces), Charalambidis 1 (1 block), Jerezuelo 2 (1/3 ref., 1 block), Klinkenberg 7 (7/15 ref., 62% ref. – 38% excellent), Dzuric 9 (2/5 ref., 7 blocks), Fromm 13 (12/19 ref., 1 ace, 60% sub. – 20% excellent) / Konstantinidis (l, 67% sub. – 44 % excellent), Papalexiou 1 (1/2f.), Sonakis (l), Galiotos, Roumeliotakis, Manolakis, Papadopoulos, Mantzios.

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