Panic for Stojan Vrankovic at OAKA: “My heart is in this stadium, I feel like I’ve come home”!

Panic for Stojan Vrankovic at OAKA: “My heart is in this stadium, I feel like I’ve come home”!

THE Panathinaikos confronts him in OAKA Olympic for the 16th matchday of the Euroleague. Such a big match could not be without the eyes of important personalities.

THE Stojan Vrankovichis great former center Panathinaikouwho signed with his cap in 1996 the first European title of the “greens”, is in the closed Olympic Facilities, where he was deified by the world in recognition of his contribution, being clearly moved!

He then proceeded to make statements to Nova’s camera, where he expressed the deep bond he feels with Panathinaikoswhom he described as his family, but also with the family Giannakopoulou.

Vrankovic’s statements in detail:

For the loss on the field: “I feel great, it’s very emotional, my heart is in this stadium. Tonight I will be the biggest fan of Panathinaikos, I always feel like one of them, I feel like I’m at home”

On whether players of his style are useful in modern basketball: “All that doesn’t matter today. It has changed the game dramatically, it matters how much you run and how much you shoot”

For today’s game secret: “First it’s the heart and the passion, then the stand. She has always been our sixth man and is the most important factor in winning.”

On whether such matches are matches of personalities or are judged by overall effort: “Everything plays a role, but basketball is a team game, the key element is how smart the players can work together”

For Pavlos Giannakopoulos: “This morning I visited the grave of Pavlos Giannakopoulos, I had not come to the funeral and I felt bad that I was not here at such an important moment. I feel part of the family, I had a very good relationship with the whole family.

On whether he would like to be on the court in a jersey: “I’d have to be 30 years younger for that to happen, all I can do is sit in my seat and applaud.

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