“Cazo” for Lazio, Roma sees four!


Opposite lives for the two Rome teams in the first match of 2023. H Rome he made a right-footed shot, bending the hard-nosed 1-0 Bologna to celebrate after three consecutive losses, while the Lazio although he preceded in the “Via del Mare”, he saw the Leche to “tumble” her and shock her!

In “Olimbiko”, the Rome laid the groundwork very early after winning a penalty in the 5th minute and a minute later o Pellegrini from the white arrow opened the score. This goal set a great pace in the game, with Bologna getting discouraged and having their chances. Both failure and Rui Patriciohowever, they denied her the equalizer mainly in the second half, with his team Jose Mourinho to return to three points.

In “Via del Mare”, the Leche… flipped her over Laziowon 2-1 and reached 18 points, moving away from the relegation zone.

The visitors took the lead only in the 14th minute when o Come on played vertically for him Immobile and he with a nice diagonal finish sent the ball into the net for 1-0, which was also the half time score. However, in the second half the hosts were excellent and turned the tables. First, in the 57th minute, o Turntable brought the score to the level, while in the 71st Colombo he scored 2-1 and gave Lecce a great victory.

The matches of the 16th Serie A competition

Salernitana-Milan 1-2

(83′ Bonaccioli – 10′ Leao, 15′ Tonali)

Sassuolo-Sampdoria 1-2

(64′ pen. Berardi – 25′, 28′ Gabiandini)

Spezia-Atalanta 2-2

(8′ Gyasi, 31′ Enzola – 77′ Hoilund, 90’+3′ Pasalic)

Turin-Verona 1-1

(64′ Mirandchuk – 45′ Juric)

Lecce-Lazio 2-1

(57′ Strefetsa, 71′ Colombo – 17′ Immobile)

Roma-Bologna 1-0

(6′ pt. Pellegrini)

Cremonese-Juventus (19:30)

Fiorentina-Monza (19:30)

Inter-Napoli (21:45)

Udinese Empoli (21:45)

The next 17th matchday of Serie A

Fiorentina-Sassuolo (07/01 16:00)

Juventus-Udinese (07/01 19:00)

Monza-Inter (07/01 21:45)

Salernitana-Torino (08/01 13:30)

Lazio-Emboli (08/01 16:00)

Spezia-Lecce (08/01 16:00)

Sampdoria-Napoli (08/01 19:00)

Milan-Roma (08/01 21:45)

Verona-Cremonese (09/01 19:30)

Bologna-Atalanta (09/01 21:45)

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