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Bartzokas: “I am very happy with the team”


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In the defense as a whole, but especially in this third period, the George Bartzokas victory (82-66) of Olympiacos on Armani Milanowhile at the same time he expressed his satisfaction with the course of Piraeus in the first round of the Euroleague.

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Happy New Year to everyone, especially Olympiakos friends. We started the year with a great win against a very good team. Everyone understood that this game was very difficult and we had great support from our fans. Obviously the key to the game was our solid defense throughout the game, but especially the defense in the third quarter where we only gave up six points to a team that knows how to read the game. But, we played great defense. It’s important that we had 14 steals and 21 errors that Armani had. These are very important numbers. We finished the first round with a very good record. We are positive about the team, but we have to keep fighting and have the same attitude on the pitch. To remain humble and to analyze the opponent as if it were the last match of the year. Always focused on the next game“, initially stated George Bartzokas at the press conference.

For the overall picture of Olympiakos picture in the first round: “This year’s Euroleague is the most difficult ever. Some jump to their conclusions with two consecutive losses or wins. Everyone loses. We all believe in the difficulty of this year’s Euroleague and the difficulty of being stable and focused. The faster you forget what happened in the previous match and move on to the next one, the better you will do. The Euroleague is more difficult. If you look at the investments that teams have made this year, even in Serbia. Everyone puts in their effort, which is important for our sport. Everywhere the matches are… fire. I am happy with the team and positive with the whole atmosphere that exists. Everywhere we play to win. We have the biggest points difference, which shows that we have won by big margins. We have never lost since the beginning. We go in to play our game».

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On his players’ creative mood: “High level players have an ego, but when they put it down for the good of the team it creates a very positive atmosphere. The team is very solid in the locker room. From all of them I am very pleased with the way they respect their teammates».

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