Opinion – Sandro Macedo: They are letting Madureira dream


The best football games in recent days have come from England, for a change—in this scribe’s humble opinion. Two classics. In Manchester, United, at home, beat the favorite City on the upset. The game would certainly leave a Brazilian VAR judge with such envy.

And, in London, Arsenal (uhu) overthrew Tottenham at their rival’s home, with fans attacking the goalkeeper at the end of the game, which will come to nothing – if it were in Brazil, we would ask for closed doors for the irresponsible home team; there, he must punish only the fan, anyway.

Meanwhile, the state championships in this Brasilzão began. Huh. I mean, some championships started. Others wait a little and some wait a lifetime. Amapazão, for example, starts in May and ends in July.

Confession: I tried to watch over the last few days games involving teams from São Paulo and Rio, but I had difficulty watching the 90 minutes of either of them. Not because the power went out or there was no payment on the respective channel, but because the games were more boring than an Iranian chess documentary series.

Perhaps (my) problem was precisely facing a Paulistinha game right after the exciting London derby. Around here, the Copa São Paulo youth games are much more fun.

Paulistinha likes to sell itself as the most balanced tournament of all regionals. And, in fact, after just two rounds, the big four already lost points.

But make no mistake, with this incredible dispute formula, Corinthians, Palmeiras, São Paulo and Santos have everything to appear among the finalists. Red Bull Bragantino, with Serie A investment, is the only one that can bother one of the four – it already bothered them in the debut, when they beat Corinthians.

In Rio, Flamengo, by Vítor Pereira, ran over Portuguesa in the debut. On the same day, Real Madrid was dominated by Barcelona and lost the Spanish Super Cup. By analogy, Flamengo fans already imagine that Flamengo can beat Real in the Club World Cup.

Incidentally, it is difficult to see a day on television in which a report on Flamengo does not mention Real. We have this stupid obsession with this stupid championship. There’s no way.

But, soon after, the same Flamengo, from the same VP, still only tied with Madureira.

Some say that the uniform of the Tricolor Suburbano, similar to the colors of Barcelona, ​​scared the rubro-negros a little, who only think about Real.

The most memorable moment of the event was the distribution of 15,000 liters of beer to the crowd (less than 15,000 paying) who attended the stadium in Cariacica, Espírito Santo.

As far as we know, the beer was restricted to the public and has nothing to do with Vítor’s team injury —whose mother-in-law is doing well, amen.

The same Madureira debuted against Vasco-SAF and also drew 0-0. In short, Madureira is the only team in Brazil that faced two Serie A clubs in the first two rounds of the regional and did not concede a goal (did not score either). .

They are letting Madureira dream.

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