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Opinion – Sandro Macedo: Supercup, the crisis game, for someone


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This scribe has done it again. In fact, it always does, but in this period of state championships it hurts more.

On Sunday, more or less lunchtime, I started football Sunday with the match between Arsenal (uhu) and Manchester United, in the Premier League.

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What a game. Arsenal could even expect the rival, even at home. After all, it is the leader, and it is a classic. But Arsenal, who knew, dominated Manchester, fourth in the league, right from the start. However, he took the first goal (great goal), from Rashford — an English star who cost nothing, almost nothing, came from the base. The London team continued on top and tied with Nketiah —the English star who cost nothing, almost nothing, came from the base—, a young man who became a starter with the injury of Gabriel Jesus.

In the second half, Arsenal came back with a great goal from Saka — an English star who cost nothing, almost nothing, came from the base. And when the game seemed to be heading towards a victory for the Gunners, Manchester sought a tie with a goal from the strong defender Martinez — Argentine, world champion there in Qatar. But there was the final plot twist: at 44 of the second half, Nketiah, again, scored the goal that decided the confrontation and almost made this scribe spill half the beer from the glass.

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Less than two hours later, still with a smile on my face, it was time to watch Palmeiras x São Paulo, Paulistinha’s first classic. The end, I have nothing more to say about the game. Or just say that it was almost two hours that should be replaced in the lives of all those who witnessed the fight. What a horrible game.

So, echoing dear neighbor Juca Kfouri, I think it’s possible that this Saturday (28th) we’ll have the first big game in Brazilian football. Palmeiras and Flamengo, duel worth the Super Cup. It doesn’t even have to be a big game. This scribe would settle for something medium-sized, with a good four throws on each side and the word goal in the plural. It would be fine. To see.

The problem is that (as JK said, again) the Super Cup in Brazil is life or death, which takes away some of the fun.

And if Flamengo loses? Mini crisis. They’ll say that Mister Vítor Pereira is Abel’s customer. That her mother-in-law should be the new technique and other indecencies.

What if Palmeiras loses? Right crisis. Fans are already unhappy with the little football shown in this pre-season, which we call Paulistinha. Impatient, they graffitied walls demanding President Leila, even after last year’s trophies — in fact, the walls appeared graffitied after Dona Leila cut the budget for the main organized samba school. Coincidence?

In England, the last Super Cup was between Manchester City, Guardiola, and Liverpool, Klopp. Liverpool (who are doing poorly in the league) won 3-1. And who played poorly in that match? Haaland, the acclaimed Norwegian striker was a disaster. He didn’t have a crisis, nobody asked for the boy’s Nordic head.

And Haaland is now the league’s top scorer, already with more goals than last year’s top scorer (18 rounds to go). Thankfully, the Super Cup there is worth nothing, almost nothing.

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