Nikolakopoulos: “Olympiacos is making a big effort to bring Toven”


The latest news of Olympiakouinitially on a transfer level and then on a competitive level, was transferred by Kostas Nikolakopoulos to News Bulletin 247.

In the transfers, indeed the name of Toven that has come out in the form of rumors is of concern to Olympiakos. Toven is free, until last week he was at Tigres with a €5.5 million contract. It was broken by Tigress, who was apparently not happy based on the money she was giving him. The bottom line is that the player is free. Nothing has been confirmed by Olympiakos“, the team reporter initially reported.

Rumors are rife and Olympiacos appear to be trying to make a major move for their attacking wing, and Toven is a free agent. We need not say more about its value. He is French, 30 years old, international and was in Marseille. It makes sense that there is a lot of interest in him, which combined with the money he is asking for makes the degree of difficulty of acquiring him enormous. Olympiacos brought Hames, the same age as Toven, and in the past he has shown that he can make such moves. With the French there is a good pre-history, with Carebe, Valbuena, Angiko and until last year with Modesto“, he added.

Subsequently, Costas Nikolakopoulos emphasized: “There are also as solutions Hesse, also at a good age (30 years old), not at his best, but still an important name. Olympiacos can bring him and there is contact with Mitchell.

Until Tuesday it will be seen if he can get a loan, for example Cabral from Sporting, It would be best to close a player as early as possible, even a free one. There is no mobility elsewhere at Olympiakos unless Montpellier raise their bid for Reabciuk and Olympiakos consider getting a left-back in addition to Ramon and having Brusai trying to adapt to the left-back position. He will definitely try to get Lato of Valencia. Now that we’re talking, it’s not likely that Ryabchiuk will leave.”

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