He “stepped” on A.O. AEK is still unstoppable!


The AEK train doesn’t stop anywhere! Yunus Ocal’s team continued their good performances and winning results, winning 3-0 set of A.O. door, in the context of the 14th match of the Women’s Volleyball League!

This was the 13th consecutive win for the “yellow and black”, who remain in second place in the standings (13-1) and in… after the pioneer PAOK.

With the exception of the first set, where “Union” comfortably won 25-15, the guests put hard in AEK (25-20 and 25-21 the other two sets), however they could not turn the situation around, thus knowing the defeat after two consecutive victories (8-6 record).

The leader for the hosts was Silva with 17 points, while Nizetich added 14 and Calderon 12. For A.O.Th., Mercado and Ketsman stood out with 13 and 11 points respectively.

The sets: 3-0 (25-15, 25-20, 25-21).

A.E.K. (Yunus Ocal): Nizetich 14 (10/24 ff.), Dialla 4 (3/5 ff.), Calderon 12 (12/18 ff.), Konstantinidou 2 (1/2 ff.), Silva 17 (13/28 ff.) , Kulikova 7 (4/8 ff.) / Artakianou, Vlahaki 1 (0/5 ff.), Xanthopoulou.

A.O. THIRAS (Vladimir Vasovich): Konstandellou 3 (1/4 ff.), Bozic, Langeger 6 (5/14 ff.), Mercado 13 (10/35 ff.), Ketsman 11 (10/18 ff.), Koutsiuki 2 (1/4 ff. ) / Belia, Zioga, Kalapoda 1 (0/1 ff.), Adamopoulou, Tsochatzi 1 (0/1 ff.), Faki.

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