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Unbelievable Panaitolikos, “overturned” Volos in Panthessalikos and… sees six!


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He was excellent from the 35th minute of the match onwards and… the unlikely Panaitolikos overthrew Volos (2-3)!

Yannis Anastasiou’s team found themselves back on the scoreboard in the 18th minute with a goal by Tsirinos, after a mistake by Steriakis, however they overturned the facts and with goals from Sengelia (39′), Pedro (68′) and Mali (73′), leaves with a very big result from Magnesia, getting revenge for the defeat by the same score in the first game in Agrinio.

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The goalkeeper of Panaitolikos got his… blood back for the serious mistake in the home team’s goal, impressively repelling the penalty kick by Barrientos at 62′. The only thing that changed until the end was the score, with Meskidas reducing with an impressive execution at 90’+6′.

Approach pthe 6 points to Volos and the six to Panaitolikos, now having 23 points against 29 of tonight’s opponent, and is now preparing to play everything for everything, to be in the playoffs, in the final stretch of the regular season of the Stoiximan Super League.

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In the minds of the coaches:

Kostas Bratsos brought Volos down with 4-3-2-1, with Kleiman under the posts, Alho, Escoval, Pirinen and Luna in defense, Metaxas and Barrientos in the axis and the trio of Pires, Tsirinos and Deletis behind the promoted Ozegovic.

With 4-3-3 Yannis Anstasiou lined up his team, with Stergiakis in goal, Liava, Mali, Larson and Houchumi in defense, Martenson, Dias and Kolovo in the midfield, with Morsey and Sengelia in the center and Pedro at the top of the attack.

The match

Yannis Anastasiou’s team entered the match better, with Sengelia having the first good moment of the game with Sengelia’s shot in the 7th minute going wide. In the 13th minute, Kostas Bratsos brought Gahi to the field instead of Metaxas, for tactical reasons.

Volos, however, was the one who managed to open the scoring. In the 18th minute, Tsirinos passed to Deletics, he made the shot from the sides of the area, with Stergiakis unable to hold the ball, with Chirinos to take the rebound and do it 1-0!

In the 21st minute, Deletic made a nice effort and shot from the right, with the ball going just over the goal of the Panaitolikos goalkeeper, while Sengelia’s shot had the same result, a minute later.

In the 29th minute, Volos had a very good chance to extend their lead. Ozegovic found Deletic well, he avoided his personal opponent, however the shot he attempted from the sides of the area, narrowly missed the left post of Stergiakis.

From that point on, Panaitolikos managed to balance the game, even managing to equalize in the 39th minute. Morsey made a nice effort and cross from the left, with the Sengelia to “move forward” and with a nice shot beat Kleiman for it 1-1! This was the score, with which the two teams went into the break.

The second half started with both teams making one mistake after another, until the game became… a rodeo. In the 58th minute and after deep balls in the area of ‚Äč‚ÄčAgriniotes, Stergiakis did not come out the way he would have liked to clear, falling clumsily on Ozegovics, with Mr. Tsetsila showing the white arrow.

Barrientos took over the execution in the 62nd minute, with the goalkeeper of Agrinio’s team drop right into his left corner and “defeat” him; thus referencing his poor reaction to the home team’s goal.

Four minutes later, it was Panaitolikos’ turn to win a penalty, with Deletic bringing down Hatzitheodoridis who had stepped dangerously into Kleiman’s area. Pedro was accurate in his execution, turning the match 2-1!

As if that wasn’t enough, Panaitolikos struck again in the 73rd minute. After a great free kick by Sengelia from the right, o Malis got into the path of the ball and with a close projection, beat Kleiman for the 3-1!

The Agriniotes missed two more chances to extend their lead, with the home goalkeeper beating Morsey 2-2. The only thing that changed until the end of the match, was the score, with Mesquite with an excellent free kick to beat Stergiakis at 90’+6′. The hourglass… emptied, time ran out and Panaitolikos left with a very important victory from the city of Magnesia.

MVP: THE Sengelia was decisive for Panaitolikos. He was very active throughout the match, scored the equalizing goal, and is credited with the assist on Mali’s goal. More generally, he had an excellent presence and was a permanent source of danger for the defense of the home team.

The whistle: Mr. Chetsilas he had a very good presence, he made the right decisions in the two penalties he gave, while he made proper use of the cards, at the same time, allowing the game to develop. He went unnoticed.

Volos (Kostas Bratsos): Kleiman, Alho, Escoval, Pirinen, Luna (62’Si), Barrientos, Metaxas (13’Gagi), Pires (74’Meskinda), Deletic (73’Koutsias), Tsirinos (82’Kartalis), Ozegovic.

Panaitolikos (Yiannis Anastasiou): Liavas, Malis, Larson (46’Hadjitheodoridis), Martenson, Houhoumis, Martenson, Dias, Morsey (89’Tsigaras), Kolovos (79’Duarte), Sengelia (86’Xenitidis), Pedro (85’Bouzoukis).

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