He “cleaned” Kifissia and PAOK is waiting


PAOK comfortably defeated Kifissia 3-0 in the northern suburbs for matchday 12 of the Men’s Volleyball League and remained in second place in the standings, awaiting the result of Panathinaikos against Milos in Maroussi on Sunday to see if they will be alone there, leaving the hosts in sixth place after the 3-0 set by Finikas Syros in Polichni.

Kifissia entered the game better and led 11-6 with Okosanovic, but PAOK reduced to a point with Raptis. The hosts continued to lead and reached 18-16, with the “Two-Headed” going on a 4-0 run with Yorna’s serves to take a 20-18 lead. Kifissia equalized twice and Josko Milekonski’s men went to the bowl set 23-24. There, Okosanovic sent the ball out for 0-1.

PAOK had a strong start to the second set, leading 11-7, taking advantage of the mistakes made by the hosts. Kifisia with a 4-0 streak drew 11-11 with Ricardo, but Skrendou gave solutions to the “black and white” for 15-18 and 20-24 for 0-2 with Voulkidis.

In the third set, PAOK led 7-5 after a block out by Den Dries and 10-8 with Raptis. The northern suburbs tied the game at 11-11, but the Black and Whites held on to a 14-16 lead with Jorna. There, the services of Gatsis spoiled the reception of Kifissia, it was 16-22 with the block and Raptis with two aces made it 17-25.


1st set: 8-5, 16-14, 20-21, 23-25

2nd set: 6-8, 14-16, 17-21, 21-25

3rd set: 6-8, 14-16, 15-21, 17-25

*AOP Kifisia’s points came from: 0 aces, 31 attacks, 6 blocks, 24 opponent errors and PAOK’s points came from: 6 aces, 39 attacks, 5 blocks, 25 opponent errors.

The sets: 23-25, 21-25, 17-25 in 82 minutes.

KIFISIA (Kostas Christofidelis): Okosanovic 13p. (12/24f., 1 block), Stivachtis, Ricardo 9 (7/16f., 2 blocks, 53%ap., 7%ar.), Spiliotis 2 (2/5f.), Moreira 6 (4/7f. , 2 blocks), Chevers 6 (5/19f., 1 block, 44% ref., 17% ref.) / Kontostathis (l. – 55% ref., 5% ref.), Kosmas (l.), Siimitras, Roussopoulos, Tsikatos, Dravopoulos, Economopoulos

PAOK (Josko Milenkonski): Giorna 8 (6/14f., 2 aces, 70%f., 25%f.), Walsh 2 (1/1f., 1 block), Voulkidis 8 (8/11f.), Raptis 15 (11/20, 1 block, 3 aces, 44%rep., 6%r.), Skrentau 7 (5/7rep., 2 blocks), Van de Dries 10 (8/20rep., 1 block, 1 ace) / Kokkinakis (min. – 69% of people, 8% of people), Ilias, Michelakis (l), Gatsis

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