Opinion – Juca Kfouri: The Super Cup fulfilled its promise

Opinion – Juca Kfouri: The Super Cup fulfilled its promise

The rare reader and the rare reader must remember what the World Cup final between Argentina and France was like.

Keeping due proportions, Palmeiras and Flamengo were not far behind, with the advantage of sparing us the agony of penalties.

What a game, ladies and gentlemen!

Seven goals without being a liar, because the 4-3 score by the Paulistas crowned the derby full of climate changes, almost as if it were basketball, not football.

The more than 56,000 fans at Mané Garrincha have nothing to complain about, because in addition to the game they saw a beautiful tribute to King Pelé, never up to what he deserves because impossible, but sensitive and respectful, unlike what we have seen in Brazilian stadiums.

Weverton and Santos were decisive, as were Gabigol, Raphael Veiga and Gabriel Menino, Danilo’s substitute, all three with two goals in the final.

Endrick deserves special mention, because he played like a veteran, with participation in three of the four goals, daring, courageous, talented, mature, with a great contribution to the first Supercopa alviverde.

Gabigol from cavadinha, Pedro de Letra, Gabriel Menino from outside the area, in addition to the fourth goal, also his, an authentic goal of collective football, ball from foot to foot, reversal of side, until the final finish.

What else does a football fan want?

The decision in Brasilia was expected to be the same as what had happened two years ago between the same protagonists and it would not be an exaggeration to say that this one surpassed that one, as it may seem an exaggeration to compare the 3-3 in Qatar between the Argentines and the French. Of course, there was no Lionel Messi, there was no Mbappé, nor was Planeta Bola’s most important Cup up for grabs. That didn’t stop it from being exciting and, more importantly, giving hope that we will have a season full of great shows, because, at least, Palmeiras and Flamengo will guarantee that.

May the alviverdes celebrate a lot and the rubros-negros think of Real Madrid.


After an exhilarating Saturday for people from Palmeiras, São Paulo and Corinthians face off at Morumbi at the start of this summer night in São Paulo.

It will be the Majestic number 355, with ample black-and-white superiority in the confrontation, 131 wins against 109 defeats, in the most unbalanced of the classics among the members of the Iron Trio.

Even in the tricolor stadium, the advantage belongs to the visitors, although smaller, 50 to 43, with 60 draws, with equality in the State Championship games, 28 wins for each side and 34 draws in 90 games. Figures from the excellent “Almanac do Timão”, by Celso Unzelte, author, by the way, of the preface to the book “Majestoso”, released by Kotter Editorial, a breathtaking work by journalist Gabriel Cardoso Pereira Gama.

Work initially thought of as a university work that, when turned into a book, deserved an enthusiastic, and true, afterword by the commander of the magazine Placar, Fábio Altman.

For the young coach Fernando Lázaro, the tie will go down well, even if it increases the record to 12 games without Corinthian victory at Morumbi, since since April 2017 it only gives São Paulo, with seven wins and four draws.

For the already victorious Rogério Ceni, a new victory will mean the sign that his team really starts the 2023 season well.

We will have crowded bleachers, too bad there will be only one crowd.

See if football will justify the supporters’ presence.

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