Opinion – PVC: Gabriel Menino swallowed Gérson in the Super Cup duel


Gabriel Menino swallowed Gérson in the midfielder’s duel in the Super Cup, between Palmeiras and Flamengo. The two played most of the game against each other; Boy controlling the ball output of the red-black midfielder, who was watching him, without success.

It is not possible to know if the season will value Menino to the same extent. In any case, his performance contrasts with the criticism of the hiring policy.

Gérson cost BRL 92 million, the highest amount ever paid by a Brazilian team, while the one chosen by Abel Ferreira was a symbol of alleged avarice

from Palmeiras.

Those who pay the most do not always have the best results. Good team consecrates bad player and bad team buries good player.

In the case of Palmeiras 4 x 3 Flamengo, the base consolidated by 27 months of work by Abel Ferreira resulted in a more cohesive performance than that achieved by Vítor Pereira, a recent arrival at Ninho do Urubu.

Two weeks ago, the red-black defender, Filipe Luís, said that his coach’s system is not simple. He referred to the method of tactical periodization, used by Vítor Pereira and that Filipe only lived with José Mourinho, at Chelsea, and Domenec Torrent, at Flamengo.

The problem is not the methodology, but the time available for training and understanding the players.

Abel Ferreira also respects the theory of periodization, spread by Professor Vítor Frade, his compatriot. The difference is being at Palmeiras for more than two years, which gives him knowledge of the characteristics of his athletes, the reasons for their fluctuations and the needs of the market.

It also gives the cast the ability to think according to what is done on a daily basis.

Flamengo has more attackers capable of inventing goals, Palmeiras has more tactical repertoire. In Brasilia, Abel reversed the start of the game, pinned Piquerez with the defenders and released Marcos Rocha to start the moves further ahead than usual, because De Arrascaesta would be unable to chase him.

Rocha responded with discipline in support and shine in the defensive sector. His right foot was decisive, disarming Pedro, in the counterattack in which the center forward was ready to score.

Raphael Veiga was the individual highlight of the Super Cup, because he understood each stage of his work, both in the offensive and defensive aspects.

Palmeiras victory cannot – and will not – generate accommodation. The club will hire. On the other hand, the current squad, with the reinforcement of Endrick and the ability to play together will make Palmeiras a candidate for all titles. It will be less work for Abel to stay in disputes than for Vítor Pereira to put his philosophy into practice.

It’s not about paying more or having the most famous players. It’s about balancing pieces, training her to be in the right position, and giving her the confidence to make the most of each one.

Everything Abel Ferreira owns.

The protests and graffitied walls after Palmeiras’ draw against São Paulo were unjustifiable. They would only be plausible if the lyrics brought sincere claims. For example: “Leila, give money to our Samba School.”

Abel builds a team with training. He built a relationship with fans based on respect, not donations.

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