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Republican Rep: I Think We’ll Really Be Fighting China in 2025 – Democrats Rage


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US Wing Commander Mike Minihan has stated that a US-China war in 2025 is inevitable, and Michael McCall has been asked to weigh in on this statement

Republican Rep. Michael McCaul, head of the House Foreign Affairs Committee, took issue with US Air Force Maj. Mike Minihan’s statement on Sunday that the US-China war in 2025 is inevitable.

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The chairman of the House Foreign Affairs Committee commented on a memo from Minihan to his senior officers.

In the memo sent Friday and obtained by NBC News, the wingman, head of the Air Mobility Command, wrote: “I hope I’m wrong. My instinct tells me that we will fight in 2025.”

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Asked to weigh in on the prediction in an interview with Fox News Sunday, Michael McCall commented: “I also hope he’s wrong… But unfortunately, I think he’s right.”

McCaul also accused the Biden administration of “projecting weakness” on the world stage and argued that there is a “very high” chance of war with China because of this.

However, the Democratic chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, Adam Smith, disagreed with McCall. Although Smith initially said that “anything is possible”, he was quick to add that he “gets really worried when someone starts talking about war with China being inevitable”.

“I want to be absolutely clear. Not only is it not inevitable, it’s very unlikely”, he said characteristically, regarding the war with Beijing. “The generals must be very careful when they say we are going to war,” he stressed sternly.

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