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Olympiacos did their duty against the struggling Athlos Orestiada


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The match

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In the first set Athlos attempted to surprise Olympiakos by taking an early three-point lead with the home side fighting back, taking the match to quick contact and attacking finishes with Gustavaos and Koumendakis bringing the score to 12-11. From that point on, the visitors were “terrorized” by his team Alberto Giuliani to open the difference to +5 (16-11). Athlos Orestiada reduced the gap but Piraeus finished the match with Stern and Pagenk bringing the score to 25-19 for Olympiakos’ 1-0.

The pattern remained the same in second set with Athlos pressuring the host Olympic event which brought the score to level throughout. Gladstone and Algoul put on a magnificent performance from that point on as a result of which the visiting Athlos Orestiadas took the lead with four points (19-23). Olympiacos failed to come back and so did his team Theodorou Housidis came to occupy the second with 21-25 tying the match at 1-1.

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It also moved in absolute balance third set with Olympiakos struggling to break the block of Athlos who were constantly close to the score. Despite this, Caio de Pra’s mistake and the block out that got o Stern by Algul turned the tables and gave Olympiacos a three-point lead at the most pivotal point of the set as a result of which Alberto Giuliani’s team reached the 25-21 for 2-1.

Olympiakos was the one who came in determined to clean up the match and thus immediately took a three-point lead in the fourth set. However, Athlos defended their combativeness without nevertheless managing to get close to a margin satisfactory for the upset with the “red and whites” widening the score in +6 (16-10) thanks to the Koumendakis and Pagenk. The guests were then “betrayed” by their block as a result of which the score escaped and brought Olympiacos its 11th victory in 12 matches after 25-19 which made it 3-1.

The sets: 25-19, 21-25, 25-21, 25-19

Here are the stats…

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