Navalny is constantly in solitary confinement on orders from the Kremlin


During the meeting that follows, the roles are divided and then the committee decides to send Navalny to solitary confinement.

A nine-person panel is to recommend whether or not to send Russian opposition politician Alexei Navalny to solitary confinement, with the decision being made by the Russian president’s administration, Navalny’s supporters claim, as they have revealed the names of prison officials at the colony IK-6 prisoners who make up the committee.

Members of the commission sent Navalny to solitary confinement 11 times over a six-month period.

A related video is published today on the Navalni Live YouTube channel.

According to the creators of the said video, IK-6 director Dmitry Nozhkin receives instructions from Moscow and holds meetings in prisons on “how we will make life difficult for Putin’s main enemy».

Most of the reports on Navalny are made by Captain Mikhail Neimovich, who, as mentioned in the video, “watches Alexei’s every step and spends all his time compiling reports on violations.”

According to Navalny’s supporters, in one of the meetings, Neimovich said that within a month he had drawn up 10 reports, of which about seven were about Navalny.

The last time Navalny went into solitary confinement for addressing Neimovich by his last name, without using his first and patronymic (as is customary in Russian).

According to Navalny’s supporters, who list the names of the members of the commission, the decision to transfer Navalny to solitary confinement is made in the administration of the Russian president, which, at the urging of Vladimir Putin, sends the relevant orders to the penal colony.

During the meeting that follows, the roles are divided and then the committee decides to send Navalny to solitary confinement.

On January 25, Navalny was transferred to solitary confinement for the 11th time. Since mid-August, he has remained in isolation for a total of 113 days.

In mid-January, several hundred doctors signed an open letter calling for an end to Navalny’s abuse and for him to receive medical treatment.

Russian lawyers, current and former city councilors and members of the legislative assemblies of several Russian cities, as well as Nobel Prize-winning journalists Dmitry Muratov and Maria Resa expressed their support for the Russian opposition politician in open letters.

In Berlin, in front of the Russian embassy, ​​an exact replica of the isolation cell in which Navalny spent more than 100 days has been installed.

The presentation of the cell that marked the #FreeNavalny international campaign for Navalny’s release was made by Alexei Navalny’s brother Oleg and opposition leader Leonid Volkov’s associate.


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