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Desyllas: “The pressure is a noose around the neck of Panathinaikos – Self-criticism but also unity is needed”


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The causes of… evil and his new defeat Panathinaikouthis time in Tripoli from Asteras, recorded in his “air”. News Bulletin 247 Dionysis Desyllas.

Panathinaikos to a very large extent yesterday paid for the recklessness of Kourbelis. There is the mistake, the criticism in football. He can’t go with such aggression on a marking in the center. He stays in the 33′ with ten players with a terribly bad marking, knowing that he already has a card and then it is a match that special conditions are formed and which brought the defeat. If you look at Asteras in the second half until they take the lead in the 80′ and score the goal, they simply manage the situation in their favor, as a result of which Panathinaikos cannot even get the ball“, he said among other things.

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Speaking of her general image of the “clover” in the second roundthe station’s reporter noted that “whatever mistakes Panathinaikos did not make in the first round, regardless of the unreal 12/13 where they were almost perfect, they made in the second. What to remember first; The goal against AEK, which came from a free kick? Schenkefeld’s slip in Ioannina, who didn’t pay for it? Huancar in Livadeia or Vagiannidis? This can’t go on, when you’re a champion, you have pressure. The point is that it doesn’t end up being a noose around your neck, but a knife in your teeth. Panathinaikos has released the first one. He has lost his confidence and self-belief by making mistakes that for some damn reason cost him almost everything. It shows a team under pressure».

Desyllas noted that next day to Panathinaikos he should bring calmness, composure, self-criticism and recognition of mistakes, not catastrophizingas he didn’t take the championship when he was at +8, he hasn’t lost it now, when he needs to unity and togetherness.

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At the same time, he emphasized that Jovanovic could to manage the “green” 11 a little betteravoiding putting three midfielders with the Arkades who were certain to choose to defend.

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