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Sabonis: “The windows offer options to the national teams”


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Windows are considered useful for national teams Domantas Sabonis. The Lithuanian ace of the Kings believes that this is how the pool of players of each representative group expands.

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I believe that in Window matches like the ones we play for the World Cup, guys who have less international experience and maybe less minutes in similar matches or tournaments are given an opportunity to play. And this offers more options both to the coaching staff and to the National team itself. It is very important for us to have young guys, players who have less experience at international level to gain experience and be ready when they are called upon to be with the team on the pitch“, he emphasized on the FIBA ​​website.

Referring to Rokas Yokoubaitis and Ignas Brazdeikis, he said: “They have both done great things so far for the National team and I know the best is yet to come. These guys and many others, when given the opportunity, will do well and have a positive influence on the National team. They learn quickly and are ready for all the challenges and responsibilities that come with the National team».

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Regarding the fact that the national team, in addition to talent and experience, also requires good chemistry on and off the field, he emphasized: “We all come together to make a very tight and united group, motivated to help every player in the team to improve and be better and better year after year. The competition is tough, but we had to take our place at the FIBA ​​World Cup. This was the one and only option we had. A team like Lithuania should be present at every competition and compete with the best. Constantly. It is important to participate in every competition and play against the best in the world. And now even more so, as we see that the level of European basketball is very, very high and there are many teams that can qualify for the big tournaments. We are committed to keeping Lithuania among the best teams in the world».

Speaking about the World Cup in Japan, the Philippines and Indonesia, he underlined: “It’s going to be a fantastic tournament, I’m sure of it. The fans will love to see the best players in the world and I am sure that these three countries are really looking forward to the start of the tournament. Basketball is global and the game will get better and better as we go through the tournament. All the ingredients are there to have a very great tournament».

Finally, about the common direction that everyone in Lithuania must have in order for success to come, he said: “We are all fighting for one. We all want to make our countrymen proud. It is an honor, a huge source of pride for each of us to represent Lithuania. Every player who is called to be a member of the team, whether he plays a lot or a little, feels the same and wants to give his best for the National team jersey».

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