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Ingles: “Lucky to have played with Skortsanitis and Antetokounmpo”


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With great love for his Greek teammates, current and former, he spoke Joe Ingles.

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The Australian forward with a long career on both sides of the Atlantic is currently playing in the Milwaukee Bucksand spoke to the Cosmote TV camera about his coexistence with Giannis and also him Sophocles Schorsanitis formerly in Maccabiwhile he also sent a beautiful message regarding his autistic son.

What Joe Ingles said to the Cosmote TV camera:

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For Skortsanitis and Antetokounmpo: “I haven’t spoken to Sophocles in a while. I believe they are different. Sophocles is much more irritated than John. I was lucky enough to coexist with two very good Greek players in my career


Now I have the opportunity to play with Giannis, Jrue Holiday, Khris Middleton and all these players. I’m really excited as soon as I get the OK to race again.”

Referring to his career and the consistency that distinguishes him over the years, he said: “Absolutely and I want to prove that I’m a good shooter. Whenever you get seriously injured like I did, everyone talks about your age and how many years you’ve been fighting. In my opinion, this discussion is stupid.

If we look at players throughout the NBA, it always depends on how much you take care of yourself and how professional you are to play as long as you want.

My own injury has given me more ‘life’ since I was out for a year. I was renewed. I spent time with my family and of course recovery time. So I’m excited to be out racing again. I’m excited to go through this whole process, to be healthy and to go out and do what I know how to do.”

Finally, Ingalls sent a message to the world about his autistic son: “We want people to understand that autism is not a problem, that’s exactly why we did what we did and continue to do to this day. It’s important for anyone to understand that whether you’re an NBA player or doing something else for a living, these are things that exist in life. My son is my son. Regardless of whether I play in the NBA or not it will be the same kid.

To help other people understand all of this and to give dimension to these intra-family issues, we will continue to promote our story in an effort to help other people.

Another goal is to make other players and other people feel confident to tell their story. It will help a lot of people.”

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