Bombshell: 40 countries threaten to boycott the Paris Olympics


In a “bombshell” statement, Mr Polish Minister of Sports and Tourismwho pointed out that he considers her decision unacceptable Olympic Committee to pave the way for the participation of Russian and Belarusian athletes in Olympic Games of Parisand threatened that in such a case a mass boycott is being prepared by a combination of 40 countries including United States of America.

THE Camille Bortniczouk, was placed after a joint decision made public by Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania and Poland that they intend not to accept a possible decision on Russian and Belarusian participation in the 2024 Olympiad and claimed that the coalition will be so big that it will be able to blow the Olympics.

On the same wavelength, both her Government had previously welcomed this scenario of Great Britain as well as that of the USA which emphasized that such a move would send the wrong messages to public opinion, while for its part the Ministry of Sports of Ukraine considers the exclusion of the two countries to be the only way forward.

On the other hand, Olympic Committee, whose “defensive line” is based on the fact that no athlete should be penalized because of his passport, “replied” to rumors of a boycott, that such moves are opposed to the Olympic ideal and have never really succeeded in satisfying any purpose.

Editor: Charalambos Lessis

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