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Angry announcement from PAE AEK: “You are ridiculous. Our morals are non-negotiable, not ideal victims!”


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For a desperate attempt by her opponents to charge her for problems that should have been solved by the home team, the AEK with her announcement about what happened in yesterday’s match with Fearless in Peristeri, which never started. “You guys are ridiculous. And those who thought about it and those who uttered it and those who reproduce it“, it is pointed out.

The “black and yellow” talk about ridiculous situations and measuring the height of the hearth with… drilling, while at the same time responding to what is attributed to them regarding an unethical attitude. “Because AEKtzis have non-negotiable ethics. The role of ideal victims they decided to throw away“, the announcement states.

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The announcement:

1. Since yesterday, we are facing the following surprising thing: None of AEK’s opponents are abandoning PAE, which was responsible for observing the regulations, but they are abandoning us, who pointed out the problem and did not want to compete with goals of abnormal proportions.

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2. AEK did not complain about something they lost on the field. Instead we pointed out the problem in time. We also informed the people of Atromitos and the referee, who found that we were right from 5 to 10, as it is written on the match sheet. We didn’t do it at the last minute, as we could have if we had the intention that they want to load us. There was a margin of 70 minutes at least, until the time limit given by the regulation.

3. During all this time we did not intervene when we saw the tragedy unfolding in front of us with the digging in the lines at the two hearths. We didn’t intervene when strangely enough the referee went and counted through the ‘drill’ and was willing to play with the goal lines dug in! We were watching and waiting. No matter how long they asked us to wait, we would wait and they know it.

4. All those who talk today about 2 points, forget to tell us that this resulted from measurement through “drilling” as we said above. That’s how they thought the game should be played. They also forget to tell us that in one home base we initially found that there was a difference of seven points from the forecast and in the other four. Anything that resulted as a decrease afterwards, we repeat that it was the result of measuring through the dug. And if the predicted height came out, the referee would ask us to play with these conditions and with this image! With the hearths dug. And those who propagandize against AEK obviously consider this to be normal!

5. Among the many atrocities that we have heard and read, we singled out the one with the ridiculous insinuations that something happened on the field, apparently from our side, in the previous days. This shows the desperation of our opponents in their attempt to point us as responsible for the problems that should have been resolved by the home team and the authorities responsible for the conduct of the championship. You guys are ridiculous. And those who thought about it and those who uttered it and those who reproduce it.

6. To the other wretchedness about whether a difference of seven points in height is obvious, Jose Mourinho “answered”. The difference is that in Skopje they had a way to solve the problem immediately. The Greek Super League of 2023 and the PAE represented by the deputy president of the League, did not have.

7. We also go to the ethics and history lessons of AEK, given to us among others by some who celebrated cups in 1997, marked by the “blood” that came from “slaughtering” and stealing the sweat of their colleagues. To those who refer to the case of no objection in the summer of 2020 for the match with PAOK and refer to AEK’s announcement at the time, we refer them to this very one: It explicitly states that AEK would not make use of the “specific reason for objection”. That is, for an omission that concerned a formal procedure. What does this have to do with being asked to play in substandard conditions and with the rafters lowered?

8. Regarding what AEK is doing and what other teams are doing, we refer those who try to insult us with sermons about morality, to what happened last year in Kleanthis Vikelidis, when Europe was being played in a match and Lazaros Rota received a bottle on the head. We’re talking about a bottle to the head in a “final” for a place in Europe, not a firecracker that went off 15 meters away from the nearest footballer. And what do they tell us? How could Brignoli have played the injured and the match was decided like that? We don’t need to comment anything more…

9. Since it seems that everyone can say what they want here, let’s say a thought of our own. Where exactly does it come from that the dimensions of the fire pits at the Municipal Stadium of Peristeri were the same before that we found on Sunday afternoon? Who can say that for sure? Even if they were the same, we had no obligation to accept the irregularity from the moment we found it. But we ask again: Where exactly does it follow that they were the same before?

10. Finally, it is at least infuriating that they address our followers and talk about ethics, those who for decades have been at the forefront of the rape of their intelligence and the leveling of any concept of ethics. What the fans of AEK think about what has been happening since yesterday, let them all allow us to know better. And to be proud of it. Because AEKtzis have non-negotiable ethics. The role of ideal victims they decided to throw away. We are primarily accountable to them and then to the technical team and our players. Which they found out themselves first of all the conditions that prevailed.

PS: Because some showed us to have been to Peristeri… with the measuring tapes, unfortunately we didn’t have them. Police measures had to be used to confirm what was visible to the eye. Otherwise, keep up the jokes.

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