Nikologiannis: “AEK’s comment unacceptable – Angry at Panathinaikos”


Tasos Nikologiannis spoke about PAE Panathinaikos’ response to AEK, after the “Union’s” comment about the “greens” and the firecracker to Brinioli, the victory of the “trefoil” over Lamia and the stay of Aitor Bwin SPORTS FM 94.6.

Initially, the experienced reporter said about Panathinaikos’ victory over Lamia: “Panathinaikos won, but showed that they are not well. He scored a very nice first goal, but it didn’t finish the game and the match went into stoppage time for Sporar to score. Panathinaikos has been dealing with an issue in the midfield since the beginning of the season. Now there is also a problem in the defensive function, which is worrying. This needs to be improved immediately, so that the team can have luck in the future. On Sunday, Panathinaikos faces a very wounded team. He needs a result to lift his spirits ahead of the sequel.

Jovanovic has complaints from the team, he considers it a matter of psychology and stress. It seems that the players are stressed, they have a fear in the game that they did not have. For it to change, victories must come in very strong games, like the one against Aris on Sunday.”

For Aitor: “The administration has been working on the Aitor issue for months. It was the desire of both the management and the player. The negotiation was difficult, there was interest from others as well, but Aitor wanted to stay and was satisfied with the offer. With the player there is an agreement, with the manager not yet, but it will happen and it won’t spoil anything. There’s no way he’ll make this year’s playoffs. He will be ready for the new season. Panathinaikos believes in Aitor and that is one of the reasons why they did not proceed with the acquisition of a left winger.”

Regarding the announcement – ​​response of PAE Panathinaikos to AEK: “Panathinaikos would not have made an announcement if it were not for the unacceptable comment of AEK. Instead of condemning the firecracker that fell, he essentially said that nothing happened and spoke of 15 meters. In Panathinaikos they became furious and I have to say something. Not a single person from PAE AEK has apologized after the firecracker incident. He passed the event as if it never happened. That says it all and needs no further comment. When something like this happens you have to condemn it. Here the exact opposite happened. Today’s is completely invalid as an announcement. What does Brignoli have to do with the AEK issue with Atromitos. Everyone is judged by what they say…”

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