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February scoreboards: Hatzilygeroudis’ big scoring harvest and the changes


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Every year at this time, the EFOEPA evaluation tables reserve many changes at all levels of positions, because the results from the first events of the new year are calculated and many athletes typically move to a higher age category.

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The main news are two: That with the arrival of 2023 the holders of the top have changed in five categories and that Gerasimos Hatzilygeroudis had a very big scoring harvest after his two great victories in A1 against foreign Olympiacos athletes.

With the departure of some sportsmen and women, Yiannis Koutras in the boys’ category, Mavra Kontopoulou in the girls’ category, Yannis Kioseloglou in the pan-girls, Christina Tzenidis in the pan-girls and Dimitris-Marios Alexandridis in the mini-panaids passed first.

The 21-year-old Hatzilygeroudis shows 172 more points than the previous month thanks mainly to the huge surprise against the Portuguese, three-time European champion of the big division, Joao Monteiro, but also the unexpected victory against his compatriot Enio Mendes, he remains first in the Youth men and moved up to sixth in men.

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For the last ranking list, matches of the interclub championships, the Regional Championship for boys and girls and the development Open of Patras were taken into account.

Another notable change is that Katerina Toliou, who for two months was overall first among women (that is, including foreign athletes), has now moved to second place. She got some points compared to January, but the Ukrainian Margarita Pesotska, who was second, “won” 52 and passed her.

In the men’s table, Dimitris Papadimitriou (AO Tataula) came out of the top five, who lost two places and went to seventh. Tasos Riniotis returned to the top 5, while Hatzilygeroudis is in between the two. With 172 points, the young international moved up to number 6 for the first time since last month’s number 9.

Among the changes in the first ten positions of the tables, we highlight the rise of Dimitris Kordoutis (OEA Rethymno) to number 9 of men (from 11), of Evangelia Meramvelliotaki to number 7 of Young women (from 12), of Mavra Kontopoulou to number 7 of juniors (from 14) and of Sotiria Nikolaidou (Telamon Salamina) at No. 8, also, of juniors (from 12).

With the calculation of the new year’s races, there are, of course, much more changes in the first 10-15 places of the age categories.

As for the children who left the first place in the table because they changed categories, let’s say for the sake of history that it was Konstantinos Milikoudis (GS Filia Orestiadas) in the boys, Lemonia Gaidatzi (AEK) in the girls, Stella Mavromataki (OA Chania) in the girls , Kostas Fakaros (AO Poseidon Loutraki) in the pampaids and Apostolos Vatsaklis (SPA Lykovrysis-Pefkis) in the mini pampaids.

The first 5 in the new evaluation tables with the positions, which normally (and not potentially in some ages), the athletes had in January 2023, are the following:


1. («) Konstantinos Angelakis (Panathinaikos A.O.)

2. («) Yannis Sgouropoulos (Olympic S.F.P.)

3. («) Panagiotis Gionis (Panathinaikos A.O.)

4. («) Konstantinos Konstantinopoulos (Panathinaikos A.O.)

5. (6.) Tasos Riniotis (Olympic S.F.P.)


1. («) Katerina Toliou (Panathinaikos A.O.)

2. («) Konstantina Paridis (Panathinaikos A.O.)

3. («) Georgia Zavitsanou (Finikes Glyfada Patras)

4. («) Elizabeth Terpou (Panathinaikos A.O.)

5. («) Christina Fili (D.A.O. Tavrou)


1. («) Gerasimos Hatzilygeroudis (AO Tataula)

2. («) Alexandros Madesis (AEK)

3. (7.) Efstathios Manolopoulos (A.E. Athena Maggoufanas)

4. (6.) Iakovos Aivatidis (AEK)

5. («) Sokratis Giannoutsos (Olympic SFP)


1. («) Malamatenia Papadimitriou (Olympiacos SFP)

2. («) Chrysi Fotiadou (AEK)

3. (4.) Lemonia Gaidatzi (AEK)

4. (6.) Katerina Alexoudi (Nationalist of Alexandroupoli)

5. («) Stella Tzaridou (HAN Thessaloniki)


1. («) Alexandros Madesis (AEK)

2. (4.) Efstathios Manolopoulos (A.E. Athena Maggoufanas)

3. (2.) Sokratis Giannoutsos (Olympic S.F.P.)

4. (5.) Andreas Karampelias (AS Ifitos Patras)

5. (6.) Dionysis Timamopoulos (ASEA Kavala)


1. («) Malamatenia Papadimitriou (Olympic S.F.P.)

2. («) Chrysi Fotiadou (AEK)

3. («) Lemonia Gaidatzis (AEK)

5. (4.) Katerina Alexoudi (MSC Ethnikis Alexandroupolis)

4. (5.) Stella Tzaridou (CHAN Thessaloniki)

KIDS (K15):

1. (2.) Yannis Koutras (AO Poseidon Loutraki)

2. (5.) Giorgos Kosmas (DAO Tavros)

3. (13.) Kostas Fakaros (AO Poseidon Loutraki)

4. (14.) Petros Liotsis (DAO Tavrou)

5. (15.) Yannis Kioseloglou (AO Poseidon Loutraki)


1. (3.) Mavra Kontopoulou (AS PKD Tavros)

2. (4.) Alkistis Kasimi (AS PKD Tavros)

3. (5.) Stella Mavromataki (OA of Chania)

4. (7.) Vasiliki Boula (Orias from Chios)

5. (8.) Georgia Spanou (ASEA Sarises Florina)


1. (2.) Yannis Kioseloglou (AO Poseidon Loutraki)

2. (3.) Konstantinos Alexoudis (GS Filia Orestiadas)

3. (6.) Anastasios Fousekis (AO Pagona Patras)

4. (7.) Dimitris Georgallidis (SPA Lykovrisis Pefkis)

5. (8.) Konstantinos Isaakidis (ASEA Sarises Florina)


1. (5.) Christina Tzenidis (HAN Thessaloniki)

2. (9.) Despina Dimitriou (Gas Elefsis)

3. (12.) Athanasia Goga (Olympic SFP)

4. (13.) Anna-Fanouria Mitka (HAN Thessaloniki)

5. (16.) Paraskevi Spanou (Sarises Florina)


1. (5.) Dimitris-Marios Alexandridis (Telamon of Salamina)

2. (6.) Marios Seridis (ASEA Sarises Florina)

3. (9.) Giorgos Kouvelas (SPA Lykovrisis Pefkis)

4. (7.) Evangelos Chrysostomidis (ASEA Sarises Florina)

5. (13.) Filippos Papanikolaou (AS Pera Athens)


1. («) Elpida Tassiou (AO Thermis Thermaios)

2. (3.) Markella-Ioanna Sgouta (Orian APO Chios)

3. (13.) Anastasia Michalaru (AS Proodos Voutza Rafina)

4. («) Michaela Langouvardou (AS Pera Thessaloniki)

5. (7.) Antonia Gandas (AO Thermis Thermaios)

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