Alexis Kougias takes over the defense of Atromitos for the match with AEK!


In the courtrooms, the fate of Atromitos-AEK will be decided, which was never played because of the… beams!

The two teams are in conflict in the last hours, with announcements and accusations from both sides, with the Peristerians claiming that the “Union” wanted to take the game on paper and the “yellow and black” saying for their part that it was impossible to hold the match with the existing conditions and they themselves are not responsible for what happened.

In Atromitos, therefore, they will seek to set a new date for the match and in this direction they gave their legal representation to Alexis Kouya! In any case, the case will not be over anytime soon, as whatever the League’s first-tier disciplinary body decides, there will be an appeal from the other side.

When are the decisions for Atromitos-AEK expected?

In the jurisdictional bodies it will be judged fate of the match Atromitos-AEK, which never… started. The referee Manouhos ruled that the match could not be played due to a pitch irregularity, regarding the issue that arose with the height of the crossbar.

At first, the case will be heard by the Stoiximan Super League sports referee. The calls are usually made on Tuesday or Wednesday and the adjudication takes place during the week, however let’s make a reservation about the times due to the advance of the snow (and) in Attica.

After the decision, which should be issued immediately, the case is not definitively closed, since there is a right of appeal, which is heard by the EPO Appeals Committeewhile the subject can even reach the Lausanne International Court of Sports (CAS). In any case, the case cannot take too long, since it is recalled that the regular season of the league ends on March 12 and then the rating should be validated before the start of play offs and play outs. And the fate of this match is important both for AEK and Atromitos’ standings, as well as possibly for whether Peristeriotes will play in the play offs or in the play outs.

THE Fearless is in danger of losing the game on paper (0-3) as well as suffering a points deduction due to fault, but obviously the Peristeri team will try to prove that they are not responsible and that they did everything possible within the 30 minutes provided by the regulation to correct the issue.

THE AEK he states that he simply informed the referee as he should have about an irregularity of the regulations that was found and that he never refused to fight, with the decision not to carry out the fight being taken by the referee Manouhos who is the only one competent to decide such a thing. It remains to be seen whether the “yellow and black” will seek to take the game on paper due to the sole fault of the home team.

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