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There is no… measuring tape – Only with a laser device to measure the dimensions of the hearth!


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New data on what ridiculously happened in Peristeri and contributed to the continuation of downfall of Greek football puts on his report table SKY and his Nikos Stamateloswhich “played” on the station’s main newscast.

The journalist -and- his News Bulletin 247 was at the Atromitos stadium one day after the postponement of the match against AEK due to the incredible issue with the goalposts and did autopsypresenting, at the same time, another dimension to the infamous case, which proves that all the rules were broken!

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As emphasized in the report, the… measuring tapeapart from being a absolutely ridiculous imagewas not the appropriate way of measurement, as FIFA in the rulebook requires the use of lasers! Nowhere in its regulations World Football Federation no measuring tape is provided, as far as the directive is concerned, that exists for the fire pits of football stadiums (FIFA Quality Program for Football Goals).

FIFA proposes for the counting the use of a special laser devicewhich can me absolute millimeter accuracy measure all surfaces.

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See the report in detail:

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