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Furious… Cup winner Olympiacos continues at the top of the Champions League!


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Another victory, which keeps him at the top of the standings and brings him one step closer to his Final-8 Champions LeagueOlympiacos did, prevailing 13-7 of Radnitsky in Papastrateio.

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The “red and white” celebrated their sixth victory in seven games and tied at the top with Pro Reco, while Barceloneta – which has one match less – is lurking.

On the other hand, the defeat of the Serbian team gives Vouliagmeni the opportunity to move up to fourth place – and to enter the qualification track for good – if they beat Hannover in tonight’s match, which starts at 20:00.

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The “red and white” found it… dark in the first half, but in the second they were stormy.

The first eight minutes were balanced. The Serbians opened the scoring with a goal from Cuk, with Columbus immediately equalizing. Czuk again gave the visitors the lead, but Dervisis equalized with a terrific shot and Vamos made it 3-2 in favor of the “red and whites”.

Vrlic tied the game at 3-3 for Radnicki, with Olympiakos responding with a three-goal run (two by Mourikis and one by Genidounias) to make it 6-3. The Serbs immediately rallied to cut the deficit to 6-5, which was the halftime score.

Radnicki equalized early in the third period with a goal from Lukic, but then Olympiacos showed its strength with a five-goal streak, with two goals from Genidounias and one each from Vamos, Kolombou and Fundoulis.

Early in the fourth period, Radnicki cut to 11-7 with Brankovic, but Olympiacos responded with two goals by Mourikis, Colombo for the final 13-7.

The eight minutes: 3-2, 3-3, 5-1, 2-1

Olympic: Bigiats, Gillas, Vamos 2, Genidounias 2, Fundoulis 2, Gouvis, Dervisis 1, Bouslie, Mourikis 3, Filipovits, Kolombos 3, Papanastasiou, Zerdevas

Radnitsky: Dobozanov, Brankovic 1, Stanojevic 1, Jankovic 1, Cuk 2, Kojic, Ukropina, Poznanovic, Pljevancic, Andic, Lukic 1, Vrlic 1, Todorovski

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