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Ruin in Italy with prosecutor: “I’m a fan of Napoli, I hate Juventus”


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Smell of a scandal or… just an admission from years ago that doesn’t play any role? The truth is that in the last 24 hours there has been a confusion and a generalized tension in Italy, regarding one of the prosecutors who dealt with the case “Prisma” which resulted in the deduction of 15 points from Juventus.

Specifically, the prosecutor Santorini he had openly stated at a conference four years ago that he hated her Juventus and his remark has now gone viral, with the “Bianconeri” people reporting that his involvement in the case is a grandiose scandal!

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“I admit it, I support and am a big fan of Napoli and I hate Juventus. As a prosecutor I am against Juventus, against theft on the pitch”the prosecutor had said Santorini.

He also took a position Andrea AbodiItaly’s minister of sports via tweet and without extinguishing the fire, however, which has been lit for good…

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“I have seen, heard and reported, according to the roles, about the appropriate checks and assessments. For now I think it is right to stop here”he argued.

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