PAS the rafters, Ionikos the… strength and Grigoriou’s team is on the rise!


He has gained momentum and his Ionian is rising more and more Michalis Grigoriou!

The “blue and white”, after the two series victories over Lamia and Ari, endured (0-0) at its headquarters PAS Ioannina as part of the 22nd matchday of the Stoiximan Super League. The visitors – although they were playing with a player less than 66′as the Romeo saw two yellow cards in five minutes – they withstood the pressure of their opponents.

Balanced game in general, with the home team having the biggest chances. Specifically, two beams -one in each half (the first with Balan and the second in the final phase with Jimma)- and an unlikely chance with Balan (albeit ruled for offside)! Given that they had the numerical advantage for about half an hour, they can only be happy with the result.

Fourth draw in a row for the 10th PAS, which rose to 21 degrees having one point more than OFI (match less) and six than 12th Ionian. The Nicaeans stayed undefeated for the third consecutive game with Grigoriou on their benchbeing now at +2 from Levadeiakos and at +3 from Lamia (both with less competition).

Forced change for him Pamlidis, with the people of the Ioannina group expressing concern that it has been seriously damaged. Back for him Leo after his injury.

In… the minds of the coaches:

With the established 4-3-3 lined him up PAS The Thanasis Staikos. Soulis was in goal, with Soria, Bakadima, Eramouspe and Pelio making up the defensive quartet, from right to left. Triad in the center of Karahalios, Gino and Rienstra, with Pamlidis and Moreira flanking Balan.

Same system and from him Michalis Grigoriouwho has established it upon his arrival at his bench Ionian. Under the rafters, Houtesiotis. In the center of the defense, Romao and Cigrinski, Mygas on the right and Rouboulakou on the left. Six was Kanias, with Sakic and Fatiga in front of him. Seba on the right “wing” of the attack, Lovera on the left and Manzis at the top.

PAS Ioannina-Ionikos: 0-0

The match:

The game started with excellent conditions, for about a quarter of an hour. There may not have been the… crazy pace, but there were phases for both teams. PAS threatened with their shots Gino (double effort at 7′) and RienstraMoreira in the 10′. For its part, Ionikos did it through static phases, with a direct foul Lovera in the 5′ and his head Manji after a corner kick at 13′.

However, afterwards the rate dropped (even more), but without any phases. We had to get to 31′to mark some good time, with Sully to block his weak shot Manji.

Of course, the longest phase until the final belonged to PAS. Specifically, at 42′, the hosts produced a formidable partnership. THE Pamlidis she found him with a heel Soria right, he broke at the height of the penalty to Balanwho took a one-piece shot, the ball hitting the base of the right post.

It should be noted that in the development of the above phase, Pamlidis he went for the header, falling very badly to the ground, unable to continue. He was replaced by Loliswith the people of the Ioannina team expressing fears that their player has suffered a fracture.

Thus, the first half ended without a score. The second started with a change from the Ionian side. Michalis Grigoriou wanted to make his team more aggressive by passing him Cabral instead of Fatiga and Lovera in the midfield.

PAS Ioannina-Ionikos: 0-0

Indeed, the Nicaeans entered strongly. Initially, just at 46′The Sheba warned, while at 48′ the newcomer missed a great chance with a header from the vantage point after his cross Fly. In the 58′ there was a period of time for the guests, which ended with Lovera’s shot and the ball going against the bodies.

In the 59′ Balan missed an IMPOSSIBLE chance in front of an empty net (he found the ball with the stick after a turn by Pelios), having also left from a marginal position.

Then, at 66′ numerical balances changed. THE Romeo he saw his second yellow card in five minutes, leaving his team with ten men. Michalis Grigoriou shuffled the deck (Antounes and Manos entered the positions of Lovera and Mantzis) to shield his team but also to give it endurance.

Understandably, slowly PAS “camped” in the Ionian half, trying to exploit its numerical advantage. However, it did not create many phases. First, he threatened them Moreira (74′) and Bakadima (90′), while in between (86′) The Sheba he tried to answer and hang, unsuccessfully, from a very long distance Soulis.

The hosts came within a breath of the goal in the last phase, at 90’+5′but his one-piece place Jima found at the root of the starboard beam. Thus, the match ended without a winner.

Watch the match live here.

MVP: Very good game from Karachalios, with many battles won in the midfield area.

The whistle: It was not clear why Romao received the first yellow card (the subscription report cited unsportsmanlike conduct). Otherwise there was no difficult phase. As long as Balan did not miss the unimaginable opportunity in 59′, then the phase would be checked for offside.

The compositions of the two teams:

PAS Ioannina (Thanasis Staikos): Soulis – Soria, Bakadimas, Eramouspe, Pelios – Karahalios, Gino (86′ Tzimas), Rienstra (55′ Nini) – Pamlidis (45′ Lolis), Balan, Moreira (86′ Leo).

Ionic (Mihalis Grigoriou): Houtesiotis – Mygas, Romao, Tsigrinski, Roubulakou – Kanias, Sakic, Fatiga (46′ Cabral) – Seba, Manzis (74′ Manos, 90’+1′ Buena), Lovera (68′ Antounes).

Referee: Evangelos Manouhos

Assistants: Konstantinos Staikos, Ioannis Minoudis

4th: Angelos Angelakis

VAR: Anastasios Sidiropoulos

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