Opinion – Juca Kfouri: One Real is still worth a lot Hilal


In the final of the Club World Cup with the highest number of goals in its history since 1960, eight —one for each Real Madrid title—, what did the madridista’s 5-3 over Saudi Al Hilal show?

It showed the spectacular Brazilians Vinicius Junior and Michael.

The first, holder of the merengue team, author of two goals, and the second, entering at the end of the game, able to bend the Spanish defense.

Two players who were loaned exactly by Flamengo.

Because the production of talent does not stop in the land where everything is planted, but the export of labor does not stop either, as if they were commodities.

From there to European hegemony it is a leap that chose the Saudi team as a victim.

Victim who was about to be decimated by a rout, but who didn’t chicken out and demanded attention from the eight world champions so as not to complicate what seemed easy.

For that, the collaboration of the Argentine Vietto, another South American to shine in the World Cup, was also invaluable. As the playmaker Valverde is from Uruguay, he also scored two goals.

The other goal, the 3-1 goal, was scored by the Frenchman Benzema, who arrived recovered in the last minute from the Spanish capital for the very final —after all, the rare reader knows that the Europeans “don’t care about the World Cup Clubs”, repeated fallacy because they give greater importance to the Champions League.

This poor scribe values ​​the Brazilian Championship more than the Libertadores, although he prefers the World Cup to the continental tournament, because every madman has his own mania.

In a country where the governor of Minas is unaware of the existence of one of its greatest writers like Adélia Prado, there were many who refused to see Spanish superiority and lamented the lost Brazilian chance to face the Madrid team, as if it were possible finally beat him.

They will certainly say that, if Al Hilal scored three goals for Carlo Ancelotti’s charges, the duo Pedro and Gabigol would have enjoyed themselves in front of their defense.

Of course, in football anything is possible, and even more so in a single game, but as long as we insist on self-deception, it will be difficult to find the path to victory again.

Vini named the best on the field is nothing new for Brazilian players, although the last two, for national teams, not by chance, were Rogério Ceni and Cássio, two goalkeepers.

bronze mengão

When the Egyptian Al Ahly was already winning 2-1, on the comeback, and had missed not only a penalty but also a goal scored on the counterattack, having ended up with 10 against 11 ended up being decisive to be defeated by an unappealable 4 to 2 and hand over on a platter third place in the FIFA Club World Cup for Flamengo.

If the red-black complains about Gerson’s strict expulsion in the semifinal, Al Alhy also has reason to complain.

It doesn’t matter. Or matter.

What really counts is registering another game in which the global balance was clear, capable of burying the reigning pachequeism in Patropi dressed in baseless optimism whenever the great Brazilian meets the unknown foreigner.

Thanks to Allah, the Nation got rid of another disappointment, and it will be good if it has learned the lesson, a lot of poor rhymes in search of the solution: it’s been a while since we stopped being the greatest, and, while we skate in our mediocrity in the management of the football, the tendency will be to deepen the well until reaching Japan. Which today, by the way, produces great players.

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