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Nikologiannis: “Let Panathinaikos find a goal in its first finals in Vikelidis”


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The latest news from the Panathinaikos report, in view of the away derby with Aris in “Kl. Vikelidis” was conveyed by Tasos Nikologiannis on the air of News Bulletin 247.

“To referee the games (with Ionikos, OFI, Astera Tripoli), he must win in Vikelidis. We would be talking about a different situation if Panathinaikos had taken those 7 points. He needs a win like tomorrow to get ahead, he will get a big psychological boost if he beats Aris. Ideally he will finish the regular season in first place, otherwise he will be as close to the top as possible. Forced to get a result in the big games”argued the “green” reporter.

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“Panathinaikos must find a goal in its first finals in Vikelidis. The footballers have understood what match we are talking about. If there is a change, perhaps Palacios will take Kleinheisler’s place. If this happens, Mancini will go to the left and Palacios to the right. Ioannidis has a lead over Sporar, who has been suffering from a virus for a long time and it has affected him. In the midfield, I don’t know if Kourbelis will start, maybe we’ll see Ruben-Cherin-Bernard, but it’s possible we’ll also see Tsokai” also claimed.

Listen to the relevant excerpt:

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