Tashkent World Cup: Gundoura and Georgiadou secure podium places

Tashkent World Cup: Gundoura and Georgiadou secure podium places

Dora Gundura kicked off her bid for the World Epee Cup in Tashkent, Uzbekistan on Saturday morning, the fourth premier women’s epee event of the 2023-2023 season. With an amazing course, the two Greek women secured a place in the semi-finals of the tournament and will fight for the ticket to the final.

It is the first time since the 1-2 at the Grand Prix of Orleans in 2021 that the two Greek women will climb the podium together and the only thing that remains to be clarified is the color of the medal.

It is also the fifth consecutive event that Greece will have a representative on the podium. At the 2022 World Championships in Cairo (July 2022), Georgiadou had won the bronze, at the World Cup in Algiers (November 2022) Goundura had won the bronze, at the Grand Prix of Orleans (December 2022) Georgiadou had won the bronze and at the Tunis Grand Prix (January 2023) Georgiadou had won the gold.

For the qualification to the final, Gundura will face for the first time in a knockout” the American Elizabeth Tartakovsky (FIE No27) who in the first round eliminated the No1 of the world, Azera Ana Basta. Georgiadou will once again face the Japanese Misaki Emura (FIE No2), whom she had defeated in the semi-final of the previous event, the Grand Prix of Tunis.

Round of 64

Despina Georgiadou easily prevailed with a score of 15-4 against Kazakh Aygerim Sarybai (FIE No67) and Dora Gudura struggled, but eventually won the battle against Hungarian Luka Sutz (FIE No78) with 15-14.

Round of 32

To enter the last 16, Georgiadou got another victory against the Indian Bhavani Devi Chandalavada Sundararaman (FIE No43) with 15-8. Gudura met Uzbek Zainab Dagibekova (FIE No112) again after the round of 64 at the Tunisian Grand Prix and took another 15-12 victory.

Round of 16

Georgiadou eliminated Bulgarian Olga Khramova (FIE No30) 15-10 and Gundura eliminated Ukrainian Yulia Bakastova (FIE No39) 15-9, two gymnasts whom the Greek women faced for the first time in a “knockout” in their careers .


Dora Gundura, although trailing 12-8 against the very dynamic Spaniard Luthia Martin-Portuguese (FIE No4), managed with tremendous composure to bring the score to 14-14 and take the last point for the big upset . She got revenge for her loss in Algiers and secured a place on the podium in the best possible way.

Correspondingly, Despina Georgiadou struggled in the first half (5-8) against the French Sarah Balzer (FIE No6), but then she imposed her game and won.

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