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Jovanovic: “Doubly happy with a victory and an upset, the world’s criticism is fair”


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Happy for the victory of Panathinaikos but also the overthrow of Aris said Ivan Jovanovic at the usual press conference, after the match at “Cleanthis Vikelidis”.

At the same time, the Serbian coach of the “greens” emphasized that the criticism of the world was fair, while he pointed out that the demands were raised due to the very good first round that his team did.

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What Jovanovic said in detail:

For today’s match: “We had a special first round and I think most people stand on that alone and judge us on that basis. We are a good team, we are fighting for higher goals and things are not easy. There were periods when we were good and periods when we were not and we lost points. The game was difficult because Aris is a good team. It may be that Aris is not in the position he should have been, based on the image he had in the games. After 1-0 the game became more difficult for us. Overall the fight was balanced, it wasn’t as pretty and had more duels. This is what we expected. It makes us happy that we won but also because we pulled off an upset. Now we have so many games, including the Playoffs, we we try not to go back to what happened.”

Regarding the criticism received by Panathinaikos: “Criticism is never unfair because in football all teams play for the world. It’s not unfair when we don’t have a good image on the field. Besides, as a big team you have to be ready for criticism when you don’t present what people expect. The best judge for us is the sports fans. I mentioned the first round because that is the reality. Because we had an amazing first round and it makes sense that this course should be the judge. With our merit we made this round. The demands on the team and with such a first round have become higher. We want to be here and we must always respond in the best possible way. It’s not always easy because we have to face good teams. Aris may not be with us on the scoreboard but I have a lot of respect for him. Aris is wronged by his ranking position”.

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