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Kanzouris-Mavroidis: “As far as possible in the Final 8 – Everything is possible”


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To reach as high as she can in the Cup, where… everything happens as she herself proved in 2018 by defeating Olympiakos in the final, is her goal AEK in the first Final 8, as they pointed out Ilias Kantzouris and Dimitris Mavroidis at the joint press conference ahead of Thursday’s quarter-final in Heraklion (15:45).

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We are facing the first big goal of the year, everything else can wait. Let’s go give it our all and see how far this gets us. With respect to all but without a trace of fear. There can be no training surprises. Maybe Panionios because he plays in another category is a little more unknown, but there is also espionage. I hope it will be a celebration and at some point we will get to play in full stadiums with fans of all teams, in legal contexts“, emphasized the coach of “Enos”.

The team leader said in turn:We are happy to be in a celebration. We hope it will be like in the European stadiums. The Cup is something completely different from the championship, there are no favorites and outsiders. We have proven it. We will go focused, we will give everything and always the goal of AEK is victory. I hope everyone enjoys a basketball celebration».

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On the other hand, Panionios, who plays in the second national team, wants to enjoy the experience and continue step by step his return to where he belongs. “It is a great honor to be in the Final 8. Not long ago we were in the Final 8 UNICEF Trophy and won it. Heartfelt condolences to a man of basketball who left us, Nikos Toulis. The goal for us is to do our best. It’s a celebration for us. I would like at some point Panionios to reach this institution not just happy for his participation but to claim the victory on equal terms“, said the coach of Istorikos, Pericles Tavropoulos.

And the team leader, Dimitris Verginiswrite down: “I want to congratulate the EEC for the initiative to organize a Final 8, as is done abroad and I hope it will be established. I hope that it will be a very nice event and that the whole world will enjoy it. As for my own team, it is a huge success that Panionios, while in the second national team, reached the Final 8. We are playing against a very good opponent, AEK, the odds are not on our side, but we want to be as much as possible competitive becomes. I am sure that Panionios, with the administrative stability it has and the arrival of the great Fanis Christodoulou, will soon be in A1 again».

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