Neymar: “I feel good, the criticism is justified”

Neymar: “I feel good, the criticism is justified”

She did not hide during the press conference ahead of her showdown Paris Saint Germain with the Bayern Munich The Neymar. The Brazilian was placed on the situation of the Messi and Mbappe and the possibility of their participation in tomorrow’s first game for the “16” phase of the Champions League, while he described the criticism he receives as justified.

Specifically what he said about the criticism he and his team have been receiving recently: “I feel very good both physically and psychologically. Criticism is sometimes justified but everyone has a different view of football. I respect all opinions, I play the best I can and I will continue to do so until the end of the season.”

On the Bayern game and its importance: “I like these big games. These are the nights you have to come forward, we all work very hard to be ready for these games.”

On the deformation of Paris Saint-Germain: “There are always difficult moments. We have to work hard to overcome them. We know that in this period we make a lot of mistakes but we have to look ahead and bring out our best selves on the field as a team.”

For Kylian Mbappe: “He is very important for our team, playing with him and Messi we will feel much stronger. He told me that he feels very well.”

Editor: Charalambos Lessis

Source: Sport Fm

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