The immediate taking of measures to protect the main residence of weak borrowers from auctions and extortion by funds, as he said, was requested by NIkos Androulakis speaking tonight at a gathering, in Acharnes. Mr. Androulakis explained in detail the legislative initiative of K.O. of PASOK – Movement for Change, which, among other things, includes the reinstatement of the PASOK law of 2010 for the protection of the main residence with updated criteria.

“We claim the protection of agricultural land so that the Greek economy is not de-Hellenized” he added and reminded that “PASOK at the most critical moment in 2010, with the toughest troika against it, negotiated for the protection of the first residence. Who delivered the “red loans” to the funds? Maybe Mr. Tsipras? Could it be that the one who said to the Greek people “seisachtia, don’t pay”, was the one who handed over the “red loans” to the funds, which today are extorting Greek citizens? So let’s remember the great words and where those who “gave hope” to the Greek people led. Hope turned into disappointment and indignation” emphasized the president of PASDOK – Movement for Change, criticizing Alexis Tsipras and SYRIZA.

The president of PASOK – Movement for Change spoke about a new generation of the underprivileged, which calls for substantial social cohesion and solidarity. Small and medium entrepreneurship, “which sees growth, investment, the resources of the Recovery Fund and the energy transition destined for a closed circle of Maximus’s beneficiaries”, the middle classes, the weakest, the low paid and the low pensioners saying that “the inflation and the energy crisis are shrinking their incomes” but also young people “who are looking for good jobs and opportunities to spread their wings”.

“A Recovery Fund is not enough. There must be one European Economic Sovereignty Fund. Europe’s production base cannot be in the hands of the Chinese and its security in the hands of the Americans. For us social democrats, the value of these funds is not for bribery in Greece, but for the emergence of a resilient society and a competitive economy” underlined Nikos Androulakis, repeating the proposal he presented at the European Socialists’ Summit.

Mr. Androulakis criticized the Prime Minister pointing out that “Kyriakos Mitsotakis was elected with the mandate to heal the wound of discredit in the institutions, left behind by the SYRIZA-ANEL government and instead with his nephew as the architect he exposed the country inside from an institutional diversion. It is slipping into an arrogant regime without any reformist spirit.”

At the same time, he pointed the arrows of his criticism at Alexis Tsipras and the leading group of the official opposition for the insinuations and fake news they circulated. “Unfortunately, you have amply demonstrated that in the face of this serious offense of the New Democracy, you are not interested in Democracy and the strengthening of institutions, but how to steal a few votes to do better in the parliamentary elections. This is another value difference of ours”, said Mr. Androulakis.

He sent a call to voters in the run-up to the elections. “We call on the Greek people, whatever party they voted for in the last elections, to join us. We share concerns about institutions, democracy, fair development and the perspective it deserves. We deserve much more than what SYRIZA and New Democracy have offered in recent years” while sharply commenting on those who left PASOK – KINAL and joined the ND ballots. “For those who made a decision to become “golden airport transfers”, all I have to say is that PASOK is not a job finding office. If they want a job in New Democracy – as happened to SYRIZA a few years ago – good luck!” said Mr. Androulakis.

On the occasion of the debate he opened on the anti-seismic shielding of the country, he proposed, among other things:

  • Exemption from VAT for static control costs
  • Use of the funds from the fines of the violators for the costs of static reinforcement of old public buildings
  • Prioritize checks in hospitals and schools
  • The static control must be carried out every time a radical renovation is approved or financed for a building, public or not.