With Sgouropoulos 3-1 Pontoise in the first semi-final of the Europe Cup, Enebon


Both Gannis Sgouropoulos with the French Enebonne and Panagiotis Gionis with the Polish Bogoria are in the final four of the table tennis Europe Cup. On Monday, the young Eleusinios entered the “dance” of the semi-finals first and celebrated a completely positive result. In the French “duel”, Ennebon defeated Pontoise Cergy away from home with 3-1 sets and took the odds in their favor to enter the final.

Sgouropoulos combined a great performance and victory, in fact to strengthen his team in the two European semi-finals he canceled his participation in the German Feeder of the World Table Tennis, which starts on Tuesday in Dusseldorf.

Thus, Greek table tennis will finally be represented in the powerful tournament only by Katerina Toliou, who has declared to participate in both Feeders that take place consecutively in the German city.

In the first semi-final of the Europe Cup, Sgouropoulos (number 209 in the world) was placed this time in position 2 of his team. He entered the table first and faced the left-handed Frenchman Esteban Dor, who rose nine places last week to number 235 in the world rankings.

High on confidence after his recent first win in the French Ligue 1, the four-time European youth champion put in a very good performance and prevailed with a comprehensive 3-0 set to give Enebon the lead.

In the second set he was behind 8-10, later he saved another set of bowls to prevail in overtime.

As Enebonne’s first player, Swede Christian Karlsson scored two difficult victories, who has not only been in Pontoise, but has won the Champions League with their shirt. Denmark’s Anders Lind was dealing with an injury problem and just played some points at first before dropping out.

The decisive second semi-final takes place on Wednesday at the Enebon Sports Centre.

The two teams eliminated Italian clubs in the quarter-finals, Enebon against Top Spin Messina and Pontoise against Apuania Carrara. It should be added that in the French league Enebonne is at the top of the standings, while Pontoise is limited to eighth place.

In detail, the evolution of the match Pontoise-Enebonne 1-3:

Esteban Dor-Yiannis Sgouropoulos 0-3 (4-11, 11-13, 6-11)

Emmanuel Lebesson-Christian Carlson 2-3 (11-9, 15-17, 11-6, 5-11, 4-6)

Tristan Flore-Anders Lind 3-0 (6-2 and injury stoppage)

Dorr-Carlson 1-3 (3-11, 12-10, 6-11, 11-13)

Moreover, the Polish “civil wars” of the second semi-final are approaching. Bogoria of Gioni will play their matches against Djialdovo on the 16th and 22nd of the month, initially as a guest.


On an individual level now, Dusseldorf hosts from Tuesday another Feeder, in the new institution of the WTT, which only started in January 2022. Katerina Toliou had then competed in two tournaments in the German city and is to do the same in February . The first Feeder takes place from 14 to 17/02 and the top Greek athlete goes directly to the second qualifying round of the women’s singles. There he will meet the winner of the match between Fan Suhan (China) and Vog Xin Rou (Singapore) on Tuesday.

There are a total of three qualifying rounds. Toliou does not compete in the doubles events.

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