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Premier League teams are the winners in the battle of followers


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The analysis platform carried out a very interesting investigation Football Benchmarkas it published detailed data on which leagues are the ones with the most followers on social mediataking into account the followers of the ten biggest clubs in each country.

In the first place we see her teams Premier League with England’s top ten clubs boasting a combined 856 million followers across all social media. Her “greats” follow close behind La Liga with 822 million. Italians, French and Germans follow with the differences from the first two being chaotic. The top ten are completed by the championships of Brazil, Turkey, Mexico, India, Egypt and Argentina.

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It is worth noting that a few days ago the corresponding numbers with the followers on the official profiles of the leagues were also published, with the scene there changing drastically. La Liga’s official accounts are at the top with 167 million, followed by the Premier League’s with 166 million, with the Bundesliga rounding out the top three with 36 million followers. Serie A and Ligue 1 complete the top five, while the remaining positions up to number 10 include the leagues of Mexico, America, India, Indonesia and China.

Edited by: Charalambos Lessis

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Source: Sport Fm

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