Hezonia: “The decision to go to Panathinaikos was the best of my life”


The huge one importance who had his passage from him Panathinaikos for the rebirth of his career he emphasized Mario Hezonia.

In an interview with “AS”, the Croat described her decision to wear the shirt with the “clover” until the better of his life.

So he explained that in Greece fell in love basketball again, while he emphasized that he did not he hesitated never (due to his past in Barcelona) to move to Real.

What Hezonia said in detail

On the decision to leave the NBA for Panathinaikos: “The decision to go to Panathinaikos is the best of my life as an athlete, because at the end of that season (2019-20), after the last game with the Lakers I went home and told everyone that I’m not going to play another, that I will stay with my friends in Orlando and with my family.

For the first time I went two months without touching a ball, just in the gym. And at the beginning of November I started training again and my senses were as if I hadn’t stopped for a single day. Then I realized that the head, the mental factor, is just as important as the physical or the shot. I fell in love with basketball again, Panathinaikos was interested, I asked, the offer came and I went to Athens.

I felt basketball again to love it, to help my teammates, to feel important, to win… And in Kazan, the same, with Perasovic, who helped me a lot. In Russia there was a group of people on the coaching staff that I knew and the situation was perfect. I couldn’t have made a better choice, but the war started and it took everything from us, as well as the Euroleague playoffs and then I think we would have gone very, very far.”

On whether he considered not signing for Madrid because of his past at Barcelona: “No. Real was interested in me, they had already done so the previous year when I went to Panathinaikos. I’ve always liked it as an organization, a place where not everyone can play and where, once you get there, you see it’s like a family, and I like that chemistry. The people in Madrid are very clear about what they want, which is to win, the same thing I’m looking for: Titles.”

Source: Sport Fm

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