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With an attendance that exceeded all expectations, it was sealed invitation of the cultural Associations of Grammeniotsi, Lefkiot and Kydoniot who proceeded the Saturday, February 11 2023 in the joint pie-cutting event which was accompanied by a grand feast, with the excellent traditional orchestra with leading musicians such as Vasilis Smanis, Aris Dinas and Giorgos Kotsinisto take off the night!

Almost 400 people gave a “vote of confidence” to the ground-breaking venture organized for first time and it was a writing sample of how important joining forces, cooperation, like-mindedness, extroversion and solidarity are.

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The satisfaction of all the participants was widespread and coming to the event site, everyone declared themselves excited about the initiative of the cultural Associations that took a leap forward, bringing together hundreds of people from three of the most dynamic villages of Nafpaktia in a big meeting, putting the foundations for similar and even bigger events in the future.

A special moment of the evening was his explicit public assurance Deputy Governor of Western Greece Mr. Thanasis Mavrommatifor the tender no later than the beginning of June 2023 of the pending asphalt paving projects: 1) Grammeni Oxya-boundaries of Etoloakarnania prefecture2) Lefka-Mandrini and 3) Kydonia-Kalloni.

The announcements, as expected, were received with satisfaction as they are a standing request to ensure the safe access of residents and visitors to the villages of mountainous Nafpaktia.

They honored the event with their presence: representing the Regional Governor Mr. Nektarios Farmakis, the Deputy Regional Governor of Western Greece, Mr. Thanasis Mavrommatis, the Regional Councilor of Western Greece and vice-president of the 1st ELME Etoloakarnania, Mr. Konstantinos Koustas, representing the Mayor, Mr. Vassilis Giza, the Deputy Mayors of Nafpaktia, Mr. Thomas Kotronias and Thanasis Koukounas, the Honorary Inspector General of the Police of Southern Greece, Mr. Giorgos Kanellos, Mrs. Christina Papaioannou and Efi Tsioufi representing the MP for Aitoloakarnania of the ND, Mr. Spilio Livanos, the president of the Federation of Nafpaktia Associations, Mr. Theodoros Papadopoulos with a large delegation of OSYN board members, on behalf of PANSY, Mr. Dimitris Koukounas, the president of the Local Community of Kydonia, Mr. Giorgos Gatos, the president of the Local Community of Kalloni, Mr. Nikolaos Kasvikis with a seven-member delegation, the president of the Artotina Association “Athanassios Diakos”, Mr. Thodoris Martekas with a large delegation as well as the president of the Aitol Association of Oakarnano Gerakas, Mr. Kostas Kapsimalis and the entire Board of Directors.

The highly successful event was held at Apollonia estate in Peania Atticaowned by Kydoniotis Mr. Dimitris Fotopoulos.