Nikologiannis: “As in the first round with Volos, Panathinaikos – It seems that its defense has locked down”


1-5 of the first round in the championship is invited to repeat Panathinaikos on Saturday, in order to get even closer to his goal in the regular season finale, as he commented on his “air” News Bulletin 247 Tasos Nikologiannis.

Volos is a team that has been playing well lately and scoring goals, but Panathinaikos wants to play a similar game to that of the first round. If after Aris comes another victory and with many goals, the team will show that it has overcome this crisis it had with the lost points. Of course, he also had a perfect first round, which is the exception. This year points are being dropped by teams that no one expects and that makes you unable to do calculations. Where Panathinaikos has reached, they must finish the championship as first, otherwise they will be close to the top“, he said among other things.

The station’s reporter commented that Jovanovic is not a coach who makes many changes and it seems that the Vaiannidis, Senkefeld, Sarlia and Pouchats make up the defense of the “clover” at this moment.

While emphasizing that in the axis will play Ruben, Kourbelis and Bernardby Mancini basic on either side and one of Palacios-Kleinheisler to take the other place in the 11 of Panathinaikos.

At the same time, Nikologiannis reminded that from today (15/02) the tickets for the match of the “greens” with Volos are on sale and noted that there will be a lot of people on the Avenue.

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Source: Sport Fm

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