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Autopsy on the… beams of Peristeri: New laser measurements, no dimensional distortion


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Atromitos returns next Monday (20/02, 18:00) to its “home”, as it welcomes Levadeiakos and, apparently, after what happened 10 days ago in the game with AEK – which was never played – it has a interesting to see what happened to the… beams at the Peristeri Municipal Stadium!

Therefore, according to an autopsy carried out by, everything is ready to host the next game in Peristeri. The Municipality of the city, to which, we remind you, the stadium belongs, proceeded with all the necessary procedures immediately, in order to that there is not the slightest doubt and dispute for the smooth running of the match with Boiotikos, and not only, of course, since there are many more games to come. The report, however, notes, and this we must keep, how they were carried out new laser measurements and no… tape measure, which is not foreseen from anywhere! So according to them, it doesn’t exist no distortion in the height or width of the hearths.

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It should be noted that the distance of the lowest point of the horizontal beam from the ground must be 2 meters and 44 centimeters. At the same time, the distance between the two vertical beams must be 7 meters and 32 centimeters.

At the judicial level, Atromitos has been vindicated by the sports judge, who gave mandate that the match be rescheduled and run normally. AEK, of course, filed an appeal, so we await the continuation of the series…

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Source: Sport Fm

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