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Wins for Celtics and Lakers


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Their return was immediate Boston Celtics in the victories after the loss to the Milwaukee Bucksas prevailed 127-109 of the Detroit Pistons.

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Leading for the winners was Tatum, who stopped at 38 points and nine rebounds, with Bogdanovic (28 points) standing out on the losing side.

Victory for them too Los Angeles Lakerswhich with LeBron James returning, New Orleans Pelicans prevailed 120-102. The “king” scored 21 points, with Davis (28 points) and Russell (21 points) also standing out.

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In Brooklyn, his career high Bridgeswho scored 45 points and eight rebounds, helped them Nets beat the Miami Heat 116-105while in Philadelphia, the Sixers beat the Cleveland Cavaliers 118-112.

From there, the New York Knicks scored a wide victory in Atlanta over the Hawks with 122-101, while the Indiana Pacers defeated the Chicago Bulls with 117-113.

Victory for the Denver Nuggets, 118-109 over the Dallas Mavericks and also for the Memphis Grizzlies, 117-111 over the Utah Jazz.

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Los Angeles Clippers-New Orleans Pelicans 120-102

Denver Nuggets-Dallas Mavericks 118-109

Oklahoma City Thunder-Houston Rockets 133-96

Memphis Grizzlies-Utah Jazz 117-111

Brooklyn Nets-Miami Heat 116-105

Boston Celtics-Detroit Pistons 127-109

Atlanta Hawks-New York Knicks 101-122

Philadelphia Sixers-Cleveland Cavaliers 118-112

Indiana Pacers-Chicago Bulls 117-113

Charlotte Hornets-San Antonio Spurs 120-110

Source: Sport Fm

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