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Few changes with Volos in the 11 of Panathinaikos


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The preparation of Panathinaikos against Volos enters the final stretch in a match where the goal of the greens is to have another victory and – if possible – with the same good performance as in the match of the first round.

THE Ivan Jovanovich having been satisfied in many ways with the appearance of the team in “Kleanthis Vikelidis” against Aris and so the thoughts he is thinking is not to differentiate the 11.

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With the data so far, the defensive line will not be differentiated as despite the fact that the Magnuson he is ready to play it is estimated that he will hardly start as a starter but will just get playing time during the match.

The one change it seems that the 11 will have has to do with him Cherin. The Slovenian is expected to be on the bench with him Kurbeli to live next to Reuben and the Bernard to take again the role he had until now, that is, in front of the two and behind the striker. At one end will be the Mancini who will start again in the 11 while the big question is who will be at the other end… O Kleinheisler or Palacios, so far it is not clear who has the lead. Finally, at the top of the attack is expected to be again the Ioannidis.

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