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Nikolopoulos: “We are not afraid of anything, there are all the conditions for an even Final 8”


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I’m sure the first one Cup Final 8 in Heraklion will be held without any problem and with absolute safety expressed the general secretary of the EEC, Nikos Nikolopoulosat a press conference shortly before the first jamball at “Dyo Aorakia”.

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We are once again in Crete and the welcoming city of Heraklion for the 48th edition of the Cup, which is special. For the first time it is being held in the form of the Final 8, which has existed in several European countries for several years. We dared to hold the event in this form, even though there were many negative thoughts. On the contrary, we thought that the moment had arrived and all the teams applauded the decision. Last year we made a Final 4 in Heraklion after 2004. Last year the motto was ‘it’s a celebration’, this year we have ‘it’s a celebration for everyone’ and that’s how we believe it will be until Sunday night. I want to thank the Municipality of Heraklion and the Region of Crete for helping us in every effort. At the same time, because basketball is for everyone, we have organized some actions, such as voluntary blood donation and an event with children with disabilities. Sport is for everyone“, he emphasized.

Our pleasure will be for the Final 8 to be embraced by the world, to be held in a civilized atmosphere and may the Cup be won by the team that presents itself best. If all these are combined, the institution will have succeeded, despite the adversities and negative thoughts that existed. Only the fact that he was accepted by the best teams of the Basketball League and the historic Panionios is very important. It is already a success for all of us, not just the federation. The conditions are excellent, the facilities and infrastructure are perfect and we believe that everything will go smoothly“, he added.

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To dare is to fear nothing. And the teams have understood that they have to defend the competition, the world is at a level to understand that the rivalry exists only on the four lines. There is no fear of something, we think it is time for something to change. The world has shown it and the fact that the project was embraced by the groups means that we all want it to happen. There is perfect cooperation with the police and at the same time the know-how with so many events that have taken place here, Greek and international, with the help of both the local association and Mr. Markakis. We have left nothing to chance, all the conditions are there for everything to go well“, concluded.

THE Konstantinos VardavasDeputy Mayor of Heraklion and Head of Sports, said: “We welcome EEC to Heraklion and thank them for their cooperation over the years. This collaboration with the federation and FIBA ​​is an honor. This is why the cooperation of the Municipality and the Region is important. In previous years, a Cup final was hardly held or was held without spectators. Now we have reached a Final 8 and I am sure that the event will be successful. Nikos Toulis will be missed, our thoughts are with his family and what he offered to basketball in Crete. There is no fear, we have all worked to make everything safe».

Finally, O George PitsoulisDeputy Regional Governor for Sports, said: “I thank the EEC for choosing Heraklion for this great event again this year. Last year it was ‘get where you can’ with the Final 4, this year it’s ‘get where you can’t’ with the Final 8. It’s a celebration that all the teams participate in as well as a club from the Second National, Panionios. It is our pleasure and honor that this huge sporting event will take place in Crete and will be watched by so many people. We will be helping to make sports go from good to better. The Region of Crete has distributed two and a half thousand balls and we will distribute more. We support sport and its high value. I thank the EEC, the Municipality of Heraklion for maintaining its sports facilities at this level, Mr. Markakis and I wish success to all the teams. When the organization is this good, the scope for ugliness narrows».

Source: Sport Fm

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