Panathinaikos AO for EL.AS announcement: “Full of inaccuracies and mistakes – Brutal and murderous violence from you”


His own position, wanting through it to capture the reality of everything that took place yesterday (15/02) in the afternoon at the closed Agios Thomas, took care to express again the Panathinaikos AO.

Through the last announcement in time, which followed by that of EL.AS., the “clover” people record a number of inaccuracies which – according to them – included the placement of the Authorities, which they accuse of use of pointless, brutal and murderous violence!

As a result, there were clashes and at the same time leading to the cancellation of the match between the men’s volleyball teams of Panathinaikos and Olympiakos, for this year’s semi-finals Challenge Cup.

The relevant announcement of the “greens” in detail:

“The Panathinaikos Athletic Club issues a new announcement following the official position of EL.AS regarding the events that took place yesterday at the indoor stadium of Agios Thomas in Maroussi.

The management of the Association is once again asked to take a position on yesterday’s events as it was surprised to read the statement issued by the police which was full of inaccuracies.

From the outset, the announcement shows that it is far from the truth.

Initially, there is talk of 2,000 people who he says did not have tickets. We honestly don’t know where this arbitrary number comes from as such a number of people never gathered.

Going further, we read that most of them did not have tickets.

Honestly, we would first like the police to find those who had tickets and see which match they were from, because in yesterday’s match no tickets were even issued!

From there it is evident how “blurred” yesterday’s measures were in their planning. Only season holders had the right to enter.

We continue to be stunned by the police reading of a simultaneous attack at 18:15 by fans inside and outside the stadium at gates 3 and 6 towards police forces.

That is, from the side of the season holders there was a general plan that said “As soon as the hands of the clocks mark 18:15 you, wherever you are, attack the police forces” let’s be serious…

Any clashes resulted from the brutal murderous violence by the repression forces and from the tear gas fired inside the closed stadium and by sheer luck there were no casualties.

We wish a speedy recovery to the people in the police force who were injured, as the police had to do for the people who were injured and left with “open” heads and breathing problems, and all those who put their lives in danger as they were trampled to get out of a door.

If the use of the necessary means is what you did yesterday, we hope that you will not intervene anywhere again.

The following is written below: “It is noted that the match in question was held at the specific stadium at the initiative of the home team, although the Greek Police had requested that it be held at O.A.K.A….”

Show us if there is somewhere in writing what you mention about her in real life is not in some document. What you write was never even asked verbally and the choice of venue is the home team’s decision.

Then the announcement states “… while at the same time the time for opening the doors and the entry of the fans was set at 17:45, although the home team had proposed 18:00”.

You have obviously mixed up the times apart from the numbers of fans you mention as Panathinaikos at the meeting asked for the doors to open at 5pm. and the police did so at 5.45pm. for the Olympiakos mission to enter first. And here inaccuracies and mistakes…

In conclusion, first find the correct address of Panathinaikos A.O. (we were in Koniari 10 years ago) and which Olympiakos team did we play with last night (not the Volos team you sent the measurements for) and then let’s discuss any mistakes that were made…

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