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Qualification jump for AEK Larnaca – Big wins for Lazio, Partizan


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Great win and qualification lead for her AEK Larnaca! The Cypriots were superior throughout the game and managed with a goal in the last quarter to bend the Dnipro (1-0), celebrating a great victory.

THE AEK had possession and dominance in the game, creating several phases to find the goal. Missed 4-a-4, crossbar and … hammering made up the scene at the “AEK Arena”, but the Ukrainians held firmly in their hands a valuable draw that would send the two teams to the second leg from the same starting point. However, the Garcia in the 84th minute he broke the Gordian knot and gave the victory and the qualification lead to the home team.

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THE Lazio took the lead for the rematch, winning 1-0 her Clujdespite playing with 10 players from the 15th minute of the match.

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The Italian club in the 15th minute was left with a player less after his direct red Patrick. The solution was given by Ciro Immobile at 45+4′ where he made it 1-0 for his team with a great volley after a combination. And in the second half, the “Latsiali” constantly threatened the opposing goal, with the Cluj not being able to react much, even though he played with player more. Nothing changed until the final whistle, with Lazio traveling to Cluj for the second leg, who must respond if they are not to be kicked out of the Europa Conference League.

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On the other hand, They were partisans won by a score 1-0 her Sheriff Tiraspor away, with the Serbian team playing with 10 men from 50′ onwards. THE Vujacic he saw the red card and left his team with 10 players, while Gomes scored the only goal of the match in the 45th minute, with Sheriff not reacting particularly to the match, she also remained with 10 in the 90th minute after his dismissal Garanga.

Finally, the Ludogorets prevailed 1-0 her Anderlechtby Igor Tiago only in the 9th minute to clean up for the Bulgarian team and give them an early victory.

Source: Sport Fm

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