Oriola: “AEK is a great team, it’s magical to experience the passion of their world”

Oriola: “AEK is a great team, it’s magical to experience the passion of their world”

Excited who will wear her jersey AEK appeared Pierre Oriola.

After announcement of its acquisition and shortly before he took his maiden training at the indoor of Ano Liosia, the Spanish international expressed his joy to compete in a big team and will live it passion of her world for her.

So he emphasized that Elias Kanzouris he was the one who convinced to wear the yellow and black and declared determined to reach far with the “Union” at BCL.

What Oriola said in detail

“I know I’m coming to one of the historical teams of Greece. I know that it has won many trophies and that very important personalities have played here, such as Curt Rambis (s.s. Kyriakos Rabidis) and many others. I am very excited and happy to have joined a team with such a great story.

To live in Athens, to feel it passion that people have for the club, it should be magical. I have only words gratitude to say about the world of AEK and I want to thank the team for it confidence who showed me to wear her shirt.

Wearing her jersey Barcelona for five years it was a dream I had since I was little. My experience there was one opportunity to compete with the strongest teams in Europe, being able to fight every year for titles.

Playing alongside players of their level Corey Higgins, Nick Calathes, Nikola Miroticbut also working with great coaches, made me best player, more experienced and above all, able to help new or less experienced players. Obviously this experience will help me in doing things in another one big teamin Greece now.

I come with a great desire to help AEK and I know that the BCL it is a goal that interests the Organization. However, there are very good teams that have the same goal as us in the competition. I know about its great success 2018which for us should be guide. We have to be ambitious and not give up on anything and always consider that the next game we have is the most important of the season. If we go this way, we have a good chance of to reach far.

I had talked to him Kino (s.s. Colom) in the summer for his experience at AEK, when we met in Girona. Told me very nice words for the club. Had a great time in Athens. He was playing at a very high level. I think his tenure in Greece was one very good experience for him.

With the coach Ilias Kanzouris I was in touch a few days ago. He he convinced me to come to AEK and fight until the end of the season. She asked me to be myself, and pass it on my strength and my energy on the parquet. I want to adapt my way of playing to the team and help the team in these last months.

The AEK fans I know are the sixth player us. I am sure that without them, many of the successes of the past would not have happened strong. That’s why we all need them, to come and see trust the team, to help us achieve our goals. I know our potential as a team. As much as it is the world is close to usI’m sure we’ll be a much stronger team, which they are difficult to win her.”

Source: Sport Fm

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