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The program of the European indoor track and field of Istanbul


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With high expectations, the National Track and Field Team will travel to Istanbul for the European Indoor Track and Field Championship.

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The Greek delegation, which consists of 19 people and will travel on Tuesday (28/2) at 8.10 in the morning (with flight A3990), while it will return on Monday (6/3, departure time 11:30, with flight A3931 ).

The program of the Greek participations will open on Thursday (2/3) with his effort Christou Kotitsa at 800m, while on the same day the triple jump qualifiers will take place with triple Greek participation (Tsiami, Andrikopoulos, Pantazi) and the 3,000m. with the Anastasia Marinakou.

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The Friday morning program includes a strong Greek representation. The day starts with his qualifier Miltos Tedoglou in the length and five minutes later the pole vault qualifiers will begin with the Katerina Stefanidis and Nicole Kyriakopoulou. Irini Vassiliou and Andrianna Ferra they will enter the 400m qualifiers. and the Spyridoula Karydis in the triple jump qualifier, while the breakfast will conclude with their qualifier Irini Spanoudakis and Polyniki Emmanouilidou at 60 m.

On Friday afternoon, he will participate Antonis Merlos in height. On Saturday morning, Mr Emmanuel Karalis he will give his preliminary on the pole and a little while later o Yannis Nyfantopoulos will participate in the 60m. On the same day, the 60m qualifiers will take place. men’s and women’s hurdles, in which the Costas Douvalidisthe Elizabeth Pesiridou and the Anais Karagiannis.

In detail, the program:

Thursday (2/3)

18:00 800 m Men’s qualifiers Kotitsas

18:05 Women’s height preliminaries

18:12 Men’s shot put qualifiers

18:40 800 m Women’s qualifiers

18:53 Men’s Triple Jump qualifiers Tsiamis, Andrikopoulos, Pantazis

19:30 3,000m. Women’s Marinakou

19:40 Women’s shot put qualifiers

20:05 1,500m. Men’s qualifiers

Friday (3/3)


08:00 60m. Pentathlon

08:10 Men’s length qualifying Tedoglou

08:15 Women’s pole vault qualifier Stefanidis, Kyriakopoulou

08:45 Pentathlon height

08:50 400 m Men’s qualifying

09:40 400 m. Women’s preliminary Vassiliou, Ferra

10:10 Women’s triple jump qualifying Walnut

10:30 1,500 m. Women’s preliminary

11:05 60m Women’s qualifying Spanoudaki, Emmanuilidou

11:30 Pentathlon shot put


18:00 Men’s height preliminary Merlot

18:05 60m Women’s semi-final (if Spanoudakis, Emmanuilidou pass)

18:10 Pentathlon length

18:25 Men’s shot put final

18:35 Men’s 400m semi-final

18:55 400 m Women’s semi-final (if they pass Vassiliou, Ferra)

19:18 3,000 m Women’s final (if Marinako passes)

19:35 Men’s Triple Jump final (if Tsiamis, Andrikopoulos, Pantazis qualify)

19:40 1,500 m Men’s final

19:53 Women’s shot put final

20:05 800 m Pentathlon

20:45 60m Women’s final (if Spanoudakis, Emmanuilidou pass)

Saturday (4/3)


08:00 60m Heptathlon

08:04 Men’s pole vault preliminary Karalis

08:20 60m Qualifier Nyfantopoulos

08:40 Heptathlon length

09:00 3,000 m Men’s qualifying

09:35 60m Hurdles Women qualifying Pesiridou, Karagianni

10.05 Heptathlon shot put

10:10 length Women’s qualifier

10:20 60m Med. Men’s qualifying Duvalidis


17:35 Heptathlon height

17:45 60 m Men’s semi-final (if Nyfantopoulos passes)

18:05 Women’s pole vault final (if Stefanidis, Kyriakopoulos pass)

18:15 800 m Women’s semi-final

18:35 Men’s 800m semi-final (if Kotitsas passes)

18:50 Women’s triple jump final (if Karydis passes)

19:00 1,500 m Women’s final

19:20 400 m Men’s final

19:30 400 m Women’s final (if they pass Vassiliou, Ferra)

19:55 60m Men’s final (if Nyfantopoulos passes)

Sunday (5/3)


09:00 60m Heptathlon

09:12 Men’s length final (if Tedoglou passes)

09:20 Women’s height final

09:35 60m Men’s Medley semi-final (if Duvalidis passes)

09:55 60m Med Women’s semi-final (if Pesiridou, Karagiannis pass)

10:08 Heptathlon pole vault


18:05 Men’s height final (if Merlos passes)

18:10 4X400 m. Men’s final

18:18 Men’s pole vault final (if Karalis passes)

18:25 4X400 m Women’s final

18:40 1,000 m Heptathlon

18:50 Women’s length final

19:00 3,000 m Men’s final

19:22 Men’s 800 m final (if Kotitsas passes)

19:35 800 m Women’s final

19:55 60 m Women’s Medley final (if Pesiridou, Karagianni pass)

20:05 60m Men’s Medley final (if Douvalidis passes)

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