On Friday, the awards ceremony of E.F.O.E.P.A. in the EOE building


In the Amphitheater of the Hellenic Olympic Committee in Chalandri, the E.F.O.E.P.A. is holding an awards ceremony on Friday and will have by its side personalities from the sports and political life of the place, as well as many members of the wide “family” of ping pong pong. The festive event starts at 19:00.

In the always welcoming and special space of the EOE, representatives of all associations have been invited, who will remember and salute the greatest moments of table tennis in recent years together with distinguished athletes and important figures of sports. The celebration will be broadcast live on the Internet through the YouTube channel of the Federation.

The evening will include the awarding of prizes to the teams, which occupied the first three positions of the interclub championships during the period from the period 2016-2017 to the period 2021-2022 (with the exception of national categories, in which the awards had already been made on the playing fields and of course the 2020-2021 season, which was canceled due to the coronavirus). Also special awards to teams, athletes and executives from all areas of the sport.

During the event, there will also be the cutting of the New Year’s pie with two flowers, which reserve surprise gifts for the lucky ones. A reception will follow after the awards ceremony.

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