Alexiou: “Catalysis of objective responsibility that the Municipality is responsible for the stadium”


His legal argument Fearless about the responsibility of the Municipality of Peristeri for the stadium, he tried to deconstruct it Alexis Alexiou.

After marriage of Elli Rizouher other representative AEK at the hearing of the appeal he specifically stated:

“We are done with the decision wiser. In Holland the match did not start until the goalpost was not raised half a point. For some, normality can be observed here at will.

We learned that there is no problem, this cannot be done. The regularity of the beams has been judged and has not been offendedis not grounds for appeal.

Atromitos said that “everything went well, but don’t see what Manouchos writes because he was acting with guile“. You can’t hear that. Aspiration elimination of strict liability that the municipality is responsible for the stadium and not Atromitos.

Things are clear. The procedure today should be alone submission of documents. Atromitos did not say anything about the irregular pitch that he received from the municipality.

With a recent decision in Diaugia it seems that Atromitos has executed heaps of work in order for the stadium to be inspected and licensed. This is shown by documents that they are not offended.

In my opinion, the only thing that needs to be checked are the documents that have been laminated and falsified. Documents appeared that the municipality did a measurement. This should be the subject of one next trial».

When took it againnot, the reason then, o Alexiou completed:

“Everything that was said here today about measurements, about irregularity, etc. they have no valueit is as if they were not heard because they have judged all this from the first grade. AEK has the right to appeal because it happened partywas and remains a party.

As far as measurements are concerned, basically if you don’t like it to Atromitos the tape measure (which he did not project no objection on the spot), why didn’t he bring the stiff rod and laser they say? Landlord is, why didn’t he bring them? Wish they had made it, one and a half hour they had in front of them, we, if we wanted, made the tension to than onebefore the match started, but we did it almost an hour before so they had time to fix it.

And because it was heard that we will be derision if the match is decided on paper, we become a laughing stock if there are Super League matches in such fields and not if AEK is vindicated. AEK had an obligation to submit an objection until 17.30 and did so 16.40 to build the stadium, to have time. But since they did not, let them suffer sanctions».

Source: Sport Fm

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